Intro Narrative Pack complete!

That’s right, it’s finally here! We made the decision to finish this before anything else because “the reason why” has always been the beating heart of Animosity. The reason why you’re fighting, and the reason why that matters. The reason why you want to play, and the reason why you’ll want to play again next time. For this update, you’ll want to jump over to the Time of War page and take it from the top.

Chances are you’ve already read what came before, and in war descends, you’ll get to see how this fight got started. Just as no battle is fought without a reason, no army goes into battle without something at stake, which brings us to our six coalitions. These aren’t your parent’s Grand Alliances, but instead allegiances of convenience, tenuous and fleeting. 

Each of the six coalitions orbits around a charismatic NPC called a figurehead. These figureheads are the catalyst which brought your coalition together, and while your army may not take its orders from them, you’re still fighting for their cause. Be sure to check them out, as many factions must joint a specific coalition, and where you stand in the coming war may surprise you!

Next up, we’re hoping to get the intro gameplay pack posted tomorrow. After that, it’s on to the press pack and, most importantly, NEO Registration, opening this Friday!

Until then,
Old Stonebeard & the NEO team


Wapkagut wants YOU ter bash sumfing!

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