Intro Gameplay Pack complete!

So, you know what we are, you’ve read how to play, and now you want to get started– but you still need to know what this time of war will look like for you. Fortunately, we’ve got answers- and if we don’t, let us know so we can add them to the FAQ!


Starting this Friday, April 12th, you’ll be able to register with Animosity as a local area NEO. This is important, because only NEOs will be able to submit battle reports to the campaign map- but more on that later. We ask that you have at least one per group/event, so if you want to take part, we need you to step up- or volunteer a friend instead!

At the bare minimum, a NEO will be responsible for submitting the results of their player’s games to the campaign map. This is as simple as filling out a form on your phone after each battle you and your players fight, and shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes. After that, the sky is the limit: NOVA Open NEO Aaron Bostian (@maddrbostian) is already planning to run separate #AnimosityI events at different venues on each day of the campaign!

To register, we’ll need at least a current email address, venue information (country + city, game store name or at home/local club), how many players you expect to have, and which days you plan to run your event (May 31st, June 1st, and/or June 2nd).

To report a battle to the campaign map, we’ll need you to submit each player’s result separately (it’s easier for us to enter the data into our campaign engine that way), listing a player’s faction, coalition, major/minor win/loss, the map location where the battle was fought, and if any desperate measures succeeded. Again, more about that in a minute.


As a player, you really need to know your stuff. You need to know which coalition your army will be fighting for, and you need to know the locations you’re fighting to capture. You need to know the allegiance abilities your coalition unlocks, and you need to know the desperate measures available to you.

Finally, you need to check back here every day of the campaign to see which coalitions have captured which locations, and check how many spoils you have to spend. If all this sounds daunting, don’t worry: it really isn’t.


In the intro narrative pack, we introduced you to coalitions, fragile alliances of necessity unique to the coming battle for Amasya. What this means is, we tossed the four Grand Alliances out a window: Sylvaneth fight alongside Ironjawz in the Skoga Grakk, Hag Queens of Khaine have agreed to fight for a Soulblight vampire in the Reclamation, and Stormcast Eternals take orders from a mortal woman in the Sigmarsmacht Delegation.

You’ll find everything you need to know about the different coalitions on the Time of War page. Many factions- such as the aforementioned Sylvaneth, Ironjawz, Daughters of Khaine and Stormcast Eternals- must join a specific coalition. Others, such as the mercantile Kharadron Overlords, can choose one of several coalitions to join. Fighting battles for your coalition is how you will control locations on the campaign map and, ultimately, win the campaign.

In a perfect world, this is where we’d introduce you to a beautiful map of Amasya, but as it’s not done yet, we’ll just have to describe it instead. Amasya consists of 9 locations, each of which is a district or landmark dedicated to a different god in Sigmar’s broken pantheon:

  • Azyrhol, the hall of the heavens. Built atop the place Sigmar supposedly beheld his vision in the Ur-River.
  • Nagaskahip, Nagash’s graveyard. Countless dead pilgrims from the Age of Myth are buried. It’s these which give Amasya its moniker as the hallowed necropolis.
  • Rahipmezar, the priest’s tomb. Here the city’s holy leaders were laid to rest.
  • Teselli Alari, Alarielle’s solace. Simple shrines to the Everqueen were raised here amid the ancient forest that surrounds Amasya.
  • Isik Kulesi, the tower of light. Now ruined, was once a place of study, knowledge, and mastery.
  • Karanlik Saray, the palace of shadow. It served as the city’s dockyard and a place of unscrupulous affairs.
  • Gorkoyuk, Gorkamorka’s pits. These beast pens were part stable, part zoo. Monsters from across the realms were kept captive here.
  • Grung Esik, Grungni’s threshold. It stands a great stone arch spanning the gap between cliff faces where the ur-river flows into Amasya.
  • Yol Grimnir, Grimnir’s road. This stone path was built as a staging ground for the great crusading armies which once marched forth from the hallowed necropolis.

Each coalition needs to capture a primary and two secondary “key” locations- but don’t forget, you need to prevent your enemies from capturing their key locations even as you attempt to capture your own! Your coalition’s page will tell you which key locations you need to capture, but right now, you probably want to know how to win:

  • Total Victory – Capture 6 or more locations
  • Strategic Victory – Capture all 3 of your coalition’s key locations
  • Tactical Victory – Capture your coalition’s primary key location
  • Pyrrhic Victory – Capture one of your coalition’s secondary locations

Capturing locations is determined by percentage equation; every battle report is assigned a value whether it’s a major/minor win/loss and divided against the location’s value, and the coalition with the highest percentage is considered to have captured or defended the location.


Besides winning, capturing and defending locations is crucial because it pays spoils. In #AnimosityI, players will use spoils to purchase additional command traits, artefacts, and spells beyond the normal restrictions. That’s right, for the duration of the campaign, you can put as many traits and artefacts on your heroes as you have spoils to afford them, including the ones from Malign Sorcery. (While your NEO should consider keeping track of every player’s spoils, this is all meant to be an honor system anyway.)

Furthermore, spoils are how you will purchase coalition specific traits and artefacts. These do not replace your army’s normal allegiance abilities in any way, but are simply in addition to. These are meant to interact with the last thing you’ll be able to spend spoils on: desperate measures.


Desperate measures are predetermined wagers you’ll make in your tabletop games to increase your reporting power. For example, the Skoga Grakk’s measures are based around destroying enemy units during the Battleshock phase. While this may happen regardless, the Skoga Grakk’s specific traits and artefacts will help make enemy units more susceptible to battleshock- including enemy heroes!

Think of desperate measures as force multipliers; if you lose but your measure succeeds, you may bump your reporting power from a major loss to a minor victory. Then again, if you already won a major victory and your measure succeeded, you may be able to swing a location’s control in your coalition’s favor… single-handedly.

Every location is assigned a spoils “payout” value depending on whether or not it’s a key location for your coalition. We won’t get into numbers here, but rule of thumb, key locations have a lower capture payout but a higher defense payout, while other locations have a higher capture payout but lower defense payout.

If you hadn’t already read in previous updates, we’ll be posting an update to our blog each morning of the campaign (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) breaking down which territories your coalition has captured or defended and how many spoils you’re able to spend that day.


Looking ahead, this weekend will see both NEO registration open and the Press Pack drop. If there’s anything you think would help get YOUR community involved, let us know and we’ll see if we can’t incorporate it. If you’re of a mind to dig into your traits and desperate measures, we have to keep you waiting just a little while longer until the weekend of the 19th. We’re also looking at branching into a video format for use on social media, so keep an eye out for that.

Until then,
Old Stonebeard + the NEO team, signing off.


Weep and lament, for Death descends upon the Hallowed Necropolis…

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