‘Ere we go! NEO REG IS NOW OPEN!

That’s right, it’s here: you can register to become an Animosity NEO on the Report! page RIGHT NOW!

Obviously, this is a huge step for #AnimosityI, and we’re proud to say that we’ve already gone international in less than 30 minutes thanks to a NEO in Thailand whose group is planning to report battles all weekend long.

Because that’s what really sets Animosity apart: everything you do is one small part of a greater whole. Like a relay race, games played on Friday will set up the folks playing on Saturday and Sunday, while those same folks will be fighting to capitalize on the actions of the Friday players. You not only for yourself, but for everyone else in your coalition, against opponents halfway across the world.

And the butterfly effect doesn’t stop there. If you know our past, then you know the original Animosity campaigns comprised a single, unbroken narrative spanning  over a decade. Your actions here, now, in the hallowed necropolis of Amasya can and will impact future campaigns- even if you, yourself, don’t participate in them. In an Animosity campaign, everything you do- every game, every turn, every roll of the dice- matters.

That said- next up on the release schedule is the press pack. If there’s anything that you think would help you spread the word, let us know and we’ll toss it in.

So, with NEOs already reporting in from the west coast, the UK, and the Netherlands… may we offer some easy listening to get you as pumped as we are?

bZTL_SFdSzs (1)

Will you answer the call to battle?

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