Five Weeks until WAR


Thanks for calling us out, facebook.

Warmongers! It’s been a short while, but don’t worry: the team behind the curtain is still very much alive. Ironically, we’re back to where we were a few weeks ago: a bunch of work-in-progress .docs and nothing quite ready to publish. With 15 NEOs registered to date and a median estimated player count of about 75, here’s what you can expect in the home stretch.

Your War Stories – You guys have already gone above and beyond, and we’ve got a backlog of narrative we’re looking forward to posting up this week. From the Kriegsrat of the Soul Wardens chamber to the putrescent crusade of Ser Baldathrax, we’re loving every word if it.

Press Pack – So, believe it or not, “winging it” is not the most efficient way of teaching yourself graphic design! While we had some very specific concepts in mind for this material, we’re hoping to get it wrapped up this week as a pretty picture isn’t worth much if it’s too late to put it up anywhere.

The Map of Amasya – You wouldn’t know it, but this is supposed to be a map campaign! Now, we know where our strengths lie, and that’s why we’ve brought an actual artist on board to finish up this particular part of the project.

We’ve also enlisted Animosity veteran @WarbossKurgan of Warboss Kurgan’s Hobby Blog to tell tale of Amasya’s many locations, from the mighty duardin gate of Grung Esik to the dankhold of Karanlik Saray, once a dock-palace dedicated to Malerion.

Rising Animosity – The story advances into the eleventh hour, as your scouts and vanguards finally lay eyes on the hallowed necropolis itself- and we gain insight through the eyes of Irkut the Spineless, da Maw dat Walkz, and more besides, courtesy of our writer par excellence Peter Charles.

Allegiance Abilities – Among the first things we started on and at this rate, one of the last we’ll finish! While these won’t replace anything already available to your army, we hope they’ll provide some interesting opportunities, especially during list building. Expect to be able to add keywords to your warscrolls or even change the allies available to you.

Revised Desperate Measures – Unfortunately, the “let’s save this for next time” list has a new addition. Instead of being gambits which directly impact map control, expect DMs to be ploys and ruses available to you help you win on the tabletop.

Battleplans – Since the start, we’ve had an eye toward simple Battleplans using asymmetrical objective placement and deployment territory. These are meant to represent the varied battlefields of Amasya, and provide for quick yet challenging campaign games.

Improved NEO communication – Now that we have over a dozen NEOs signed up, and because we’ve so enjoyed the sound of our own deadlines whipping past us, we’re going to move to emailing update summaries directly to our registrants about once a week, and leave the blog as our rollout venue.

The Big .doc – A general’s handbook, if you will, with only your need to know. No frills, no fancy explanations, just the event pack reduced to lowest terms.

Everything Else – There is so much more we want to bring you but, as a first-time event on a tight schedule, it may well not be in the cards. That said, there will ALWAYS be next time, and we know we have plenty of room to expand our brand of narrative play.

So, if you’re looking to get involved, be sure to visit our How To Play page, or if you’re ready to jump right in, be sure to Report!


Much that was, is once again, and men of honor shall not sit idly by…

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