Objectives, Locations, Spoils & You

As the eleventh hour draws near, we wanted to take a minute and give you a crash course through the nitty-gritty of how winning the campaign works- and finally reveal the map of Amasya (finishing touches courtesy of NEO Duncan H.):


As you can see, there are 9 Locations, every one of which is strategically important to different coalitions. These are broken down as follows, and distributed both narratively (capturing every coalition’s primary objective is their main purpose for being here) and strategically; no location is repeated more than twice for balance:

Big Eat – Gorkoyuk PRIMARY, Karanlik Saray & Grung Esik SECONDARY

Skoga Grakk – Nagaskahip PRIMARY, Teselli Alari & Gorkoyuk SECONDARY

Delegation – Azyrhol PRIMARY, Yol Grimnir & Grung Esik SECONDARY

Varanpact – Isik Kulesi PRIMARY, Karanlik Saray & Rahipmezar SECONDARY

Horde – Teselli Alari PRIMARY, Isik Kulesi & Yol Grimnir SECONDARY

Reclamation – Rahipmezar PRIMARY, Nagaskahip & Azyrhol SECONDARY

When reporting battles, PAY ATTENTION TO THE OBJECTIVES- IT’S WIN OR LOSE.  When reporting closes at 11pm EST on Sunday, June 2nd, the winners will be judged as follows:

Total Victory – Capture 6 or more locations
Strategic Victory – Capture all 3 of your coalition’s key locations
Tactical Victory – Capture your coalition’s primary key location
Pyrrhic Victory – Capture one of your coalition’s secondary locations

Capturing and defending locations is also important for your Spoil yield:

Capture Objective = Low Yield, Defend Objective = High Yield

Capture Neutral = High Yield, Defend Neutral = Low Yield

Taking and holding your objectives will pay more Spoils to your faction the following campaign day- but there’s also a benefit in raiding locations which are not one of your three objective locations, as they’ll pay a higher number of Spoils on the turn you capture them than one of your objective locations- but you shouldn’t feel obligated to continue reporting there after you’ve captured it.

Going into Turn 1 on May 31st, every coalition will begin the campaign with 30 Spoils and have already captured the following locations:

Big Eat captured Karanlik Saray
Skoga Grakk captured Gorkoyuk
Delegation captured Grung Esik
Varanpact captured Rahipmezar
Horde captured Isik Kulesi
Reclamation captured Nagaskahip

Farming Spoils is important, as we’re asking for the following Allegiance Abilities to be in effect at every #AnimosityI event. These are intended to add cinematic flair to your army; for list-building purposes, expect to never have fewer than 20 Spoils on any given campaign day.

Hero of Yore – You may purchase any number of Command Traits and Artefacts that would normally be available to any HERO, either from the Grand Alliance allegiance abilities, your Battletome’s allegiance abilities, Malign Sorcery, and your Coalition. You may purchase your first trait or artefact in this way for 1 Spoil, doubling the cost for each subsequent trait or artefact. Your second trait or artefact will cost 2 Spoils; your third will cost 4, your fourth 8, and so on.)

Arcane Power Untold – You may choose to purchase Endless Spells normally available to you using Spoils; if you do so, disregard their Matched Play points values. Instead, Endless Spells will cost a number of Spoils equal to the first number of their points value, or first two numbers if the Endless Spell costs more than 100 points. This also applies to Magmic Invocations and Judgements of Khorne. (example: a Skaventide Bell of Doom costs 40 points, and thus would cost 4 Spoils. However, a Skaventide Warp Lightning Vortex costs 100 points, and would therefore cost 10 Spoils.)

Friends Among Foes – You may choose to field any faction in your Coalition as an ally, even if you would not normally be allowed to select that faction as an ally.

Strange Bedfellows – You may choose to replace a unit’s faction keyword (example: Wanderers) with another faction keyword (example: Stormcast Eternals) for 6 Spoils. Add +2 Spoils for every 5 models in this unit, +3 Spoils for every 5 models with 2-3 wounds per model, or +2 Spoils for every additional model with 4 or more wounds per model. This also changes that unit’s Grand Alliance keyword to match their new Faction keyword.

So there you have it! We want to thank all the support and energy you guys have put into this so far, and thank you for your patience as we’ve been pulling it together on our end. Also, for any registered NEOs reading this, please expect an update email tonight. Thanks again!


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