Turn 2 Update

Turn 2 Location Control

The Sigmarsmacht Delegation defended Grung Esik
(contested by the Horde)

The Reclamation captured Rahipmezar
contested by the Varanpact and the Delegation)

The Skoga Grakk captured Nagaskahip
(strongly contested by the Skoga Grakk)

The Horde of Rot and Rage captured Azyrhol
(strongly contested by the Delegation)

The Varanpact captured Isik Kulesi
contested by the Horde, Delegation, and Skoga Grakk)

Da Big Eat defended Karanlik Saray
contested by the Varanpact and the Delegation)

Da Big Eat captured Gorkoyuk
contested by the Skoga Grakk)

The Horde of Rot and Rage defended Teselli Alari
(contested by the Delegation and the Skoga Grakk)

Yol Grimnir was not contested

Available spoils for Sunday, Turn 3

Skoga Grakk – 40

Delegation – 40

Varanpact – 60

Big Eat – 60

Horde – 40

Reclamation – 40

Turn 2 NEO Notes

The campaign’s generic allegiance abilities have been updated with the following wording; please re-print if necessary.

Hero of Yore – You may purchase any number of Command Traits and Artefacts that would normally be available to any HERO, either from the Grand Alliance allegiance abilities, your Battletome’s allegiance abilities, Malign Sorcery, or Forbidden Power. You may purchase your first trait or artefact in this way for 4 Spoils, and double the cost for each subsequent trait or artefact. (In this way, your second trait or artefact will cost 8 Spoils; your third will cost 16,  your fourth 32, and so on.) Furthermore, you may never allocate more than 4 traits and artefacts on any single HERO at once.

Turn 2 Unfolding Narrative

Your narrative contributions were IMMENSE, and we’re still typing it all up. Make no mistake, with so many primary objectives captured in a single turn, you’ve changed the course of the war.

The narrative update will post at 12PM EST.


Pick on someone your own size! #AnimosityI photo by NEO Duncan H. of Blacksburg, VA.

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