Turn 3 Final Update

Turn 3 Location Control

The Sigmarsmacht Delegation defended Grung Esik
(contested by the Horde, Big Eat, and Varanpact)

The Reclamation defended Rahipmezar
contested by the Varanpact and the Delegation)

The Skoga Grakk defended Nagaskahip
(contested by the Reclamation, Big Eat, Varanpact, Delegation) 

The Sigmarsmacht Delegation captured Azyrhol
(contested by the Horde)

The Varanpact defended Isik Kulesi
contested by the Horde, Delegation, and Skoga Grakk)

The Varanpact captured Karanlik Saray
contested by the Big Eat, Reclamation, and the Delegation)

Da Big Eat defended Gorkoyuk
(contested by the Skoga Grakk and Varanpact)

The Horde of Rot and Rage defended Teselli Alari
(contested by the Skoga Grakk, Delegation, and Varanpact)

The Sigmarsmacht Delegation captured Yol Grimnir
(contested by the Horde, Big Eat, and Varanpact)

Final Campaign Standings

The Sigmarsmacht Delegation 
Dominant Victory
Captured all 3 Objective Locations

The Varanpact
Strategic Victory
Captured Primary + Secondary Objective Location

The Horde of Rot and Rage
Tactical Victory
Captured Primary Objective Location

The Skoga Grakk
Tactical Victory
Captured Primary Objective Location

The Big Eat
Tactical Victory
Captured Primary Objective Location

The Reclamation
Tactical Victory
Captured Primary Objective Location

Turn 3 Unfolding Narrative

Seneschal-General Monique von Helminger’s Delegation may have taken the hallowed necropolis for Hammerhal, but the city is far from secure, with every other faction securing at least their primary objective. This, plus your own narratives, has triggered some very interesting consequences, which we’re busy typing up now…

  • Turn 3 Unfolding Narrative & Epilogue will post June 8th at 3AM EST

 NEO Notes

Wow- just wow. With 5 events and roughly 40 players reporting in from the east and west coasts and even across the pond in Thailand and the Netherlands, Animosity I can indeed lay claim to the title of worldwide map campaign.

All of us on Team Animosity want to thank every one of you for your participation. Not only have we seen incredible support and enthusiasm from the Age of Sigmar community, but an absolute outpouring of great stories from your games and narratives which we’re still learning to do justice in our turn updates.

Finally, thank you for giving us the opportunity to tell this grand, collaborative tale. We couldn’t do it without our local NEOs, and they couldn’t do it without you, the players. This has been a ton of fun for us, and we hope it was for you too- which is why we’d like to invite you all to join us for our next worldwide map campaign…

Animosity II – The Burning Winter


Some of Team Animosity hard at play in a Delegation vs. Reclamation doubles game during Turn 2. Photo by Katie H. at #AnimosityI in Winchester, VA

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