Before the Burning Winter

Warlords and warriors! Your hour is upon us once more, for the march toward Animosity II – The Burning Winter has begun in earnest.

Last June, you fought to decide the fate Amasya, the hallowed necropolis. Every coalition completed their task- to some degree, at least. The Sigmarsmacht Delegation secured Azyrhol, set atop ground upon which Sigmar once tread, and raised the banners of Hammerhal high above the gates of Grung Esik and Yol Grimnir.

The Reclamation of Amasya by Mithridates Alti has faltered. While he freed his long-emtombed father Mithridates Besh, the vampire and his allies now find themselves blockaded within Rahipmezar, prisoners in his own birthright. Elsewhere, Da Big Eat twisted the pits of Gorkoyuk to their nefarious purpose, opening countless slavering maws in the muddy earth into which they now throw the corpses of friend and foe alike.

The rival Knights of Ruin Basalt Lord Qarang Sarn and Irkut “the Spineless” Thousandeyes each achieved their ambitions, with the former razing the beautiful Ghyranic forest of Teselli Alari in the name of Grandfather and the Skull Throne, and the latter claiming an Enlightenment Engine of Teclis from the vaults beneath Isik Kulesi- as well as the secret knowledge of Malerion’s people from Karanlik Saray, the Shadow Palace.

Most significant of all however, the disparate alliance known as the Skoga Grakk collapsed Nagaskahip, the hallowed necropolis itself. The path cleared by the Ironjawz and Beastclaws, its foundations were flooded and split apart by the tides and roots of the Idoneth and Sylvaneth- and, finally, it was blasted into ruin by the celestial devastation of the Seraphon.

In the months since, a great realmgate to Shyish has been discovered within the ruin of Nagaskahip. Once but a small waterway upon which the souls of the dead were ferried to the underworlds, the Ur-River now pours through it, newly bifurcated within Amasya between the realms of Life and Death. And, like the plunging waters of the Ur-River itself, it is through this blasted realmgate that the war now spills…

Animosity II – The Burning Winter is coming! From November 8th through 17th, player coalitions will do battle across 5 two-day turns in the bitter tundra of Shyish. Build your pyres high, for in the realm of endings, the winter winds can strip your soul from your body…

In the coming weeks, check back every Friday for these updates and more:

  • Animosity II – Warcry
    Bridging the gap between the Hallowed Necropolis and the Burning Winter, this set of six new Warcry campaigns will follow scouting parties making their way into Shyish from Amasya- and the Chaos warbands already there, eager to prove themselves worthy in the eyes of the Varanguard.
  • Animosity II – Warpath
    Much like War Stories before Animosity I, Warpath will feature player submitted narrative AND hobby right here on the campaign website- this time with award categories!
  • Animosity II – Burning Winter Event Pack
    We’re not leaving it until last this time! Based on the format of the Forbidden Power supplement, this Event Pack will have everything you need to run your event “out of the box”- or just provide a solid foundation for creating your own player experience.
  • Narrative Event Organizer Registration
    We’ll open the doors just as soon as the Event Pack is ready, so you’ll know exactly what you’re signing up for.
  • New & Improved Social Media Presence
    We’re overhauling our place in the facebook space and supplementing our page with an actual user group for players and NEOs to come together. We’ll also soon be inviting past NEOs into an Animosity Beta-tester group! Of course, you can always stay up to date with us on Twitter @AnimosityCmpgns, too.
  • Website Overhaul
    Based on participant feedback, we’ll be reworking portions of the site for better utility and resetting things for Animosity II. That said, you’ll always be able to see everything related to Animosity I, including player-written narrative reports, in the Omnibus.



Will you make it through the Burning Winter? Art by Joakim Olofsson



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