Animosity II – Warcry Preview

With Games Workshop’s most recent (and among the best) boxed game Warcry hitting shelves everywhere in the next 24 hours, we’re pulling back the curtains on our campaign “pre-sequel” set between Animosity I and II…

If you haven’t been following the hype, Warcry is a brand-new skirmish warband system for Age of Sigmar (think Kill Team, only stabbier). The core game depicts the tribulations of mortal tribes living in the blasted wastelands of the Eightpoints, with (currently) 9 expansion packs allowing you to bring warriors of Order, Destruction, and Death to the party.

More importantly, every one of the available 17 warbands has a unique single-player campaign (with two campaigns for each of the 8 Chaos tribes!) which are just perfect for homebrewing…

Although we’re waiting to get our grubby little paws on the rulebook before writing the final versions, we’re proud to announce a set of 6 unique campaigns for Warcry, allowing you to follow the fate of our Animosity I coalitions as lines are drawn before the war to come.


Caught in a perpetual dim twilight, the expanse of Shyish beyond the Nagaskahip realmgate is bitter and unforgiving. (Photo by kkart)

Those who have plunged through the realmgate torn open by the Hallowed Necropolis’ collapse have found themselves in a cold, harsh underworld of Shyish, the Realm of Death, whose terrible secret will soon come to light.

The Lost Ones
Stormcast Eternals

Seneschal-General von Helminger has dispatched scouting parties of to discover the grim fate of Lord-Celestant Han Shizhong, who led his warriors through the collapsed Nagaskahip realmgate and never returned.

Da Grab an’ Bash
Idoneth Deepkin, Ironjawz

Having earned a wary respect for the other in recent battles, aelf and orruk find themselves united once more in a curiously simple alliance of convenience: harvesting strong souls and krumpin’ the ded ‘ard warriors who possess them…

‘Ungry, ‘ungry, ‘ungry
Bonesplitterz, Gloomspite Gitz, Flesh-Eater Courts

Where they once gorged, the fanatics of Da Big Eat now starve themselves in service to the holy purpose of their zealot leader, Da Maw Dat Walkz. Hunting parties of greenskins and ghouls scour the corpse-fields beyond the Nagaskahip realmgate to drag back to Amasya- yet Shyish does not so easily surrender its dead.

The Empty Shadow
Legions of Nagash, Nighthaunt, Daughters of Khaine

A phantom haunts the mind of Reikenor the Grimhaler, a spectre called by the name Mithridates Besh. Liberated by his son’s hand from his long entombment within the Rahipmezar, this man has survived both mortal wounds and centuries passed seemingly unchanged- yet stands no servant of the Undying King.

By Pyres Bright
Untamed Beasts, The Unmade, Corvus Cabal, Scions of the Flame

For those who tread the path to glory, there is no greater patron than a Knight of Ruin. Desperate to prove themselves in the eyes of Basalt Lord Qarang Sarn, these slaves to darkness seek to raise mighty pyres of skulls, in whose baleful light the coming war shall be waged.

Treacherous Ambition
Iron Golems, Cypher Lords, Splintered Fang, Spire Tyrants

The promises and intrigues of Irkut the Spineless are as numerous as the tribes he’s drawn into serving his schemes. Now, they fight to claim the bitter glaciers and fjords so that mighty edifices of arcane purpose may be raised in service to the Dark Gods- or at least, in service to Irkut Thousandeyes…

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