Animosity II – Date Change!

I’d say it’s been a hectic month here at Team Animosity HQ, but let’s be real, it always is! Unfortunately, October has become just a little too hectic- enough that we aren’t confident in our ability to deliver a compelling narrative experience. To that end, we reached out to our Animosity I NEOs and with their input, have decided to push the date back by about a month.

Animosity II – The Burning Winter will now run from Friday, November 8th, to Sunday, November 17th. Ten days, five turns, two weekends.

In other news, we’re still making progress on other fronts! Our Animosity II Community facebook group is up and running; stop by and say hello! We’ve also created a private group for our existing Narrative Event Organizers, and will be inviting new folks in after each campaign to better facilitate development of the next one.

On the Warcry front, we reckon most everybody’s assembled their warband, built the metric tonne of scenery from their core boxes (and maybe even painted it, for the truly ambitious!). Now that folks have had a chance to learn the game, we’ll be releasing the first of our Warcry prelude campaigns a week from today on September 6th. We’ll also be kicking off Warpath then, so be sure to check back!


“… and the Spineless shall set upon the beast, and all his crooked paths will be made straight and narrow.”


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