Animosity II – Dates, Details & Theatrical Trailer

The original socially distanced Warhammer campaign returns! Reworked from the ground up to be an even stronger (and safer) global narrative event, this summer you’ll be able to decide the fate of an entire underworld from the comfort of your hobby desk.

Starting today (as you read this), we’re kicking off #DaWarpath, giving you a chance to learn our lore, prepare your projects, and forge the narrative. You can expect frequent updates as we roll out more information about the campaign, including a detailed map of Lake Bykaal, short stories exploring every single Figurehead and their Coalition, and of course, YOUR narratives, featured right here on Animosity Campaigns.

Then, on Wednesday, July 22nd, Animosity II – The Burning Winter will begin in earnest. Five weeks means five turns, with two day update periods so we can crunch the numbers and create the campaign’s Unfolding Narrative. Want to collaborate and talk strategy with other Animosity players from around the world? Join us on Discord!

For now though, take a look around the site- whether you’re wondering what is Animosity or just want to know how to participate. You can explore the campaign setting, or find your place among the figureheads and coalitions. Then, dive into the unfolding narrative, and attempt to parse out the deeper story threads already planted…

“Everything changes, given time. Lives filled by happiness and desperation fade into the background of centuries and aeons, worn smooth like a pebble in a brook. Armies and empires are ground away, baubles for the amusement of uncaring gods, and even the gods lose their meaning as the Realms dance to a rhythm entirely of their own making. Yet all history was once lived, and every moment births a new and furious struggle. From a distance, it all becomes meaningless, but here and now, nothing could be more important.”


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