Tread #DaWarpath with #AnimosityII!

These campaigns aren’t just a sandbox for our players; since last year, some among Team Animosity have been forging their own narratives in Amasya and, now, Lake Bykaal. So, what does it mean to walk da warpath? Let’s take a deeper look with narrative event organizer Alex …

In early 2017, I traded some 40k scenery for my second Age of Sigmar army: a secondhand, mostly-built Flesh-Eater Court. I’d played against this army a few times, and just thought they looked neat. As I set about repainting them and reading through their battletome, a story came to me, seemingly unbidden.

This Court’s delusion was twisted by its conception: a pale stranger had come upon a hidden Ghyranic tribe during the Age of Chaos whose men and women were dying from a wasting illness. Offering them a drought of holy water, the tribe grew healthy and hale once more. Led into battle by this pale saint, they became strong enough to defeat the Chaos invaders on their lands and feast upon the spoils of war.

I’m sure you can guess what actually happened.


The knightly orders of the Court of the Pale Saint march unto glorious battle.

Thus, they perceived their Ghoul King not as a regent, but as a saintly savior. Unfortunately, their gameplay hardly matched my storyline: to date, I have won exactly one (1) game with them, alongside a handful of draws and uncounted defeats. By December of last year, I’d had enough: as I removed the Pale Saint from the table *yet again*, I decided that, this time, it was for real. The Pale Saint was dead; long live the Pale Saint.


The now-deceased Pale Saint and his soon-to-be progeny.

Unlike Warhammer Fantasy Battle’s “moment in history” setting, Age of Sigmar’s ongoing storyline provides a wonderful storytelling opportunity- and one I’d previously explored through Animosity, as our previous WHFB incarnation had advanced the timeline 40 years past 2003’s Storm of Chaos event.

The Pale Saint, then, had spawn: sniveling little half-breeds, a pale reflection (get it? Hahaa…) of his own vampiric glory. The Court would be a housed divided against itself, yet united in their patriarch’s legacy, no one sibling controlling enough of the Court to be able to go without the others… for now. And, when GW released the Grymwatch for Underworlds, I knew I had the perfect models for them.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I’ve taken them out of the box by now. And, that’s where #DaWarpath comes into play.

Considering I killed off the Pale Saint within hours of his journey through the Ghyrplunge realmgate from Amasya to Lake Bykaal, the current moment is one of upheaval for the Court, each son fighting to sway as much of the Court to their influence as possible. Rather than simply write it out, though, I’ll let #AnimosityII tell the story by matching them against worthy opponents… worthy opponents who, as chance would have it, I’ve also been procrastinating on painting:


Having transformed their Everwinter from a blizzard into a monsoon in Aqshy, Frostlord Gebhuza Thabo and Huskard Kwadwo lead their tribe onto Lake Bykaal’s frozen surface, hoping to freeze their curse in place behind them.


War profiteers all day, every day,  Vicardo and Vassily Valencia lead Glycyphagus “Bricktop” Torolt and his “Lavender Hill” mob from Greywater Fastness to Shyish… after negotiating suitable hazard pay with the Expedition, of course.

In a perfect world, what #DaWarpath means for me is that I’ll go into our July 22nd launch day with three fully painted 1k-point armies (more or less… we’ll see what the new GHB says about that next week!)

To reach that goal, I need to assemble, paint, or finish painting…

  • Wilhelm the Warrior, Abhorrent Ghoul King
  • Steppen the Sorcerer, Abhorrent Ghoul King
  • Gedry the Glutton, Abhorrent Ghoul King
  • Etmund the Enlightened, Abhorrent Ghoul King
  • Alfred the Weak, Abhorrent Ghoul King
  • Gebhuza Thabo, Frostlord on Stonehorn
  • Kwadwo, Huskard on Thundertusk
  • 4x Mournfang Riders
  • 30x Lavender Hill Mob, counts-as Black Ark Corsairs
  • El Soldado, Steam Tank

Of course, I could finish them during Animosity II and submit them as hobby reports, but for the purposes of this campaign, I want to have them ready so I can take pretty pictures of them killing each other during the campaign! To that end, I could play actual games with them and submit those as Gaming Reports, or I could stage scenes with them and submit Storytelling Reports instead. Either way, I want them done, and ASAP.

But, that’s what Da Warpath is all about: preparing your army and forging your narrative before both are put to the test during the campaign itself. We encourage everyone to share your hobby and stories on social media with the #DaWarpath and #AnimosityII hashtags so we can find you. And, if you’d like to share your work directly with us and other players doing the same, you’re always welcome to join our Discord!

With player’s permission, we’ll be featuring roundups of our favorite work here on the site just as often as time allows. If you’d like some company while you hobby, check back soon for more info about our weekly Discord hobby hangouts. For my part, I’ll be sharing my own progress here and on my personal twitter, @OldStonebeard. I hope you’ll follow along and, more than that, maybe even consider treading #DaWarpath with me.

‘Ere we go!

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