Playing Soulbound in Animosity II + new Figurehead narrative!


Download Animosity II – Soulbound Guide v1.4

That’s right folks, it’s officially here! Compiled by ever-industrious NEO Nuno M., the Soulbound guide will get your group stuck in with an overview of the campaign setting and story hooks for why your Binding (or less-than-blessed band of miscreants) would fight for any of the six Coalitions in the coming war. There’s lore here for everybody, even if you don’t intend to play Soulbound- and hey, it might just convince you to give it a try…

For the Order players among you, we have a twofer for ya: the Expedition’s Figurehead narrative, featuring less-than-friendly half-siblings Anruil Brighteyes and Arali Heartsbane. While Anruil is the Expedition’s figurehead, his destiny is ensnared with that of his estranged relative- and the fate of their father, presumed lost at sea…

Check back every day at 9am EST as we roll out the rest of the campaign info this week, including two (2!) hand-drawn maps of Lake Bykaal and its claustrophobic crown jewel, Tsatraya Citadel (perfect for your games of Soulbound or Warcry…). expanded info on all the major locations around the lake, Figurehead narratives for the Pilgrimage, Soulmuncherz, Undivided and Wretched, an updated FAQ, and more besides. Need to get in the fightin’ spirit? Don’t forget to check out the Animosity mix tape on Spotify!

“What will be, what will be, truth will bind and set us free,
through fiery animosity, Nemesis’ sovereignty…”




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