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With the campaign launch day of June 22nd fast approaching, Team Animosity has been working ’round the clock to finish up everything you need to get stuck in. Thus far, we’ve only been teasing our main story, but today, we’re gonna dive right into it:

The Story So Far is where you’ll find what’s gone down since our last campaign, and what the stakes are this time- from the underworld you’ll be fighting in to what lurks below Lake Bykaal… and the mysterious figure at the eye of the gathering storm.

Animosity Campaigns are a different breed of narrative event. Each addition to our lore, including every Figurehead narrative, is carefully considered and written with the intention of forging a single, unbroken story arc. We’re aware our approach is a bit wordy, but even if something seems extraneous now, trust us… it’s not.

That said, all we’ve done is set the stage: your characters are the actors. This only works with YOUR contributions, and everything we write is meant as tools to forge YOUR narrative. Case in point is this #DaWarpath short story sent to us by Ron H., whose Lumineth Realm-lords have arrived to reinforce Anruil Brighteyes’ Expedition. Enjoy, and we’ll be back with more exciting updates tomorrow!

Arras’ Arrival
by Ron H.

Another 3 transport ships appeared from the Ghyrplunge Realmgate and sailed towards the Expedition camp. The first ship docked close by the camp and lowered the rampart, while the other two ships waited till the first had emptied.

First of the ship was an aelf clad in white armor and regal purple robes. He had long, golden hair, tied in a knot. In his left hand he held his helmet, with two purple plumes stretching out from the sides like angel wings. In his right hand he held the leash of an elegant, brown warhorse, which he guided of the ship.

As the aelf sat foot on the shore he looked around. A slight look of disgust appeared on his face and he turned to his horse.

By Hysh’s light, to what forsaken place have we been sent, Fornost?”

The horse shook his head, as if it understood what the aelf just said to him.

Talking to your horse doesn’t make it a better place, lord.”

The lord turned to see an aelf woman, clad in a purple robe, a golden laurel on her head, and her face covered by a veil, standing behind him.

“I talk to him to make him more at ease. He is a bit on edge. It is probably because of this place. Even I feel ill at ease here.”

Yes, I sense a great sorrow hanging over this lake. Something large and powerful is lurking in these waters. But we have to focus, we are sent here with a specific mission, lest you have forgotten, lord?”

No Felosial, I haven’t forgotten it. Its retrieval is of the utmost importance. Though I have not much faith in our allies, they seem divided and focused on different things.”

Yes, they are indeed divided. But I think we made the right choice to support the brother in this, he seemed to be calmer of the two.”

As the two aelf are talking, the second and third boat dock and throw out their ramparts. Felosial turns to the lord.

The Vanari are ready to come ashore, my lord. They are waiting for your signal.”

The lord nodded, let loose of the leash, and grabbed a horn. He puts it to his mouth and blows. The sound from the horn echoes through the canyon. Banners raise from the deck of the ships and the Vanari march down the ramparts. Wardens, with their long pikes, Sentinels with their longbows and Dawnriders disembark from the transport ships.

Noise came from the Expedition camp, as the horn alerted them to the presence of the Lumineth. Several minutes later, several riders came galloping towards the disembarking Lumineth. The lord steps on his horse, and motions towards two disembarked Dawnriders to do the same, he then turns towards Felosial, the Scinari Cathallar.

Felosial, when they have finished disembarking set up a camp. We Lumineth need a little more style then what they can bring us.”

And what are you going to do, lord?”

I am going to introduce myself to our allies. They should know that Lord Arras of Syar has arrived, with an Auralan Legion and a Dawnrider-Lance.”

And Arras spurred on his horse, towards the incoming outriders, closely followed by two Dawnriders, with one carrying the banner of the Syar.


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