Expanded Coalition Descriptions!

Yesterday’s update was big, but today’s is even better. Every single Coalition page has been expanded with insight into the forces that comprise it and the Figureheads whom lead it. Head over to the Figureheads & Coalition page to check them all out!

With this update, we’re opening the doors on our Coalition channels on the Animosity Discord server. Featuring both a private text and voice channel for every Coalition, you’ll be able to collaborate on your narrative with other players, strategize report allocation once the campaign begins, and as time allows, the Figureheads themselves may even weigh in on your discussions!


The Oracle of Humility and the Oracle of Peace, Figurehead NPCs for the Wretched.

That’s not quite everything, though. Nothing has stirred more curiosity than the Wretched’s Brayherd and Skaven duo, the Oracles of Peace and Humility. “What’s their deal?” you’ve asked. Well, their Figurehead narrative’s been added, so, uh… go see for yourself!

We’re reaching the end of the road, but there’s still more updates to come- namely, the map and its locations, and some other details that’ll become important a little bit later…


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