New Figurehead Narrative: The Pilgrimage!

As our last few updates drop before the campaign goes live next week, we’d like to take a moment to focus on a Coalition that’s near and dear to our hearts. You know them. They know you. They’re The Pilgrimage, and they’re mad as hell.

Are you a Good Guy, but not about that life of bureaucracy and red tape that Sigmar’s civilizations are all about? Do you just want to put your sword in the foes of Order, like the silly walking skeletons of the Perpetual or the wretched talking animals of the Wretched without taking orders from some Magister of Hammershammers? Have you been chanting “ONLY THE FAITHFUL!” every five minutes since you were reforged? Then the Pilgrimage is the place for you, friend.

Remember, you’re always welcome to come and chat with other players in your coalition on the Animosity Discord server. If that’s not your jam, just keep posting your hobby and narratives to social media with the #DaWarpath and #AnimosityII hashtags, and we’ll aggregate it on our Community page once or twice a week!




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