Turn 1 After-Action Report!

Turn 1 was a bloody affair out of the gate, yet it was diplomacy which carried the day on a few battlefronts. With the openings salvos of the war now over, the stakes could not be higher. Want to catch up on the Turn 1 Narrative Paths before you read? Find them here.


Narrative Path 1
Expedition vs. Wretched

Reinforcements pulled from New Dyunsk after the truce there were able to re-enforce the vanguard at Bolyany, just barely beating back the Wretched before they would have been overrun. The town itself was held in a pyrrhic victory, but they were unable to make any progress tracking Lord-Celestant Han Shinzong and the old growth turnip patches have been lost to the Wretched.

Narrative Path 2
Expedition vs. Pilgrimage
Ghyrplunge Realmgate

The fighting was fierce, and although many supply ships were escorted down the Strait of Lauchon to relative safety, Arali Heartsbane’s followers were ultimately victorious, their faith and sheer doggedness allowing them to take total control of the Ghyrplunge from the stooges of her pathetic half-brother. There will be no further resupply or reinforcement for the Expedition for the time being.

Narrative Path 3
Expedition vs. Perpetual
Old Dyunsk

After a day and a night of fighting, an agreement was struck between the Expedition and the Perpetual, both sides finding opportunity in avoiding a protracted fight for the ruined town. Together, they have begun attempts to gain entrance into the ancient Azyrite structures there. However, as the truce did not specify terms beyond Old Dyunsk itself, the bulk of the Perpetual reinforcements have bypassed the town and marched deeper into Lake Bykaal.

Narrative Path 4
Soulmuncherz vs. Wretched

After hard fighting over Poznyy, the Wretched have retreated back underground, leaving the surface to the Soulmuncherz and daring them to come down after them. The warrens are secure but the village and the corpse shallows belong to the Soulmuncherz, where the Idoneth and the Bonesplitterz have gone to work on the the frozen dead. The many, many cadavers from the battles raging across Bykaal have begun drifting down to the shallows as well, their lingering souls fresh for munching.

Narrative Path 5
Soulmuncherz vs. Pilgrimage
Shore of Sightless Faces

After two days of brutal fighting back and forth across the ice, the Soulmuncherz and the Pilgrimage struck a bargain, which afforded the Soulmuncherz control of the Shore of Sightless Faces and allowed the Arali Heartsbane’s relief column to advance southward toward Nyuranka. Hogrog canonized several heroes into da Grate Saga for their proppa scrappin’, and the Idoneth’s soul-mages have begun unraveling the shore’s secrets.

Narrative Path 6
Soulmunchers vs. Perpetual
Uyar Point

The Soulmuncherz had no stomach to fight- literally, as it were. Dyrnawen’s scouting parties did not have the numbers to hold this search site in the face of overwhelming odds. Intent not to lose Mithridates Besh’s trail, the Perpetual marched in force onto the ice, and with no real interest in fighting a losing battle, the Soulmuncherz retreated after the opening skirmishes. However, as they advanced, the Perpetual found dying Soulmuncherz where they had fallen as they withdrew, seemingly sickened but without visible wounds…

Narrative Path 7
Undivided vs. Wretched
The Breach

Although two great hosts of ruinous powers  met upon the icy field of battle eager for bloodshed,  the Oracle of Peace lived up to his name and found common ground with the warrior-orator Basalt Lord Qarang Sarn, turning away both their hosts without loss of life.

Narrative Path 8
Undivided vs. Pilgrimage

The opening assault struck hard and fast, pushing over the Ketkosmoshe and reaching the temple walls themselves; however, without timely reinforcement, the Pilgrimage could not maintain their momentum once it devolved to a siege, and were pushed back and almost routed until Arali arrived with her relief column. Suddenly outnumbered in the open field, the Undivided were forced to withdraw back behind their walls. Although the Undivided still hold the temple, the Ketkosmoshe and the Beshivet are in the hands of the Pilgrimage.

Narrative Path 9
Undivided vs. Perpetual
Cathedral of the Mariner

Zectoka and Irkut the Spineless locked might and wits, trading blows across entire battlelines like master duellists while Reikenor entered the Cathedral and attempted to discern its place in Zectoka’s plan to defeat Mithridates Besh. As the battle grinds to a stalemate, both sides find themselves frustrated- it is not the resounding victory Irkut hoped for, while the Perpetual have lost time and numbers on a fight they cannot risk losing.


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