Get your Coalition Objective Markers today!

That’s right folks, courtesy of Tectonic Craft Studios Dan Cotrupe- whom you may be familiar with in our Discord as the Expedition’s own Valeo Valencia- you can commemorate your participation in #AnimosityII with custom Coalition Objective Markers made special for The Burning Winter! Submit an extra Arts & Crafts report next turn by painting up a set, or just rep your Coalition pride when you can finally get back to your local game store. Available in a matched set of 6 or a variety pack.


It’s worth noting that Tectonic Craft will also be doing our prize support, so if you aren’t familiar with what awards we’re handing out at the end of the campaign, take a minute to check them out

Turn 2 ends August 2nd @ 11:59pm EST
Turn 3 begins August 5th @ 12:00pm EST

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