Campaign Quality of Life Updates

We’ve done it, folks! Today is officially the halfway mark of the Animosity II. Before I get into the patch notes, I’d just like to take a moment on behalf of Team Animosity to thank everybody who’s come along on this incredible journey. It’s been a blast, and we’re super excited for you to see what we have in store for you these final couple of turns.

Jumping right into it …

This past update was a mess, and we own that. Learning from last turn, we attempted to implement a new processing strategy meant to save time and effort, which ended up taking longer and a lot more work. We’ve re-assessed our methodology, and…

… we’re moving to a 3-day update period. We hate to keep you guys waiting, but it’s going to make a better experience for us and for you. So, turns will now start at 12am EST Thursday and, of course, still end 11:59pm EST Sunday.

Furthermore, one of the things we tried in this past Unfolding Narrative was featuring player stories verbatim. Although this was neat, it also made the Narrative much, much longer. We know not all our players have as much time as they’d like to invest in this, so instead of excerpts, we’re simply going to begin linking to the stories we reference.

We also noticed something else that cost us a lot of time: a number of players have been crossing the narratives and/or sending secondary characters to participate in multiple narratives. That’s great, we love to see it, but please keep in mind while you’re doing it, that’s not how our mechanics were designed to be used, and we have to manually parse out these threads and sort them into the narrative breakdown we work from.

So, you’re still welcome to do it, but please clearly describe what you intend to be happening. Since the update went live we’ve found a couple of stories that slipped through the cracks because they weren’t allocated correctly.

In other news, yesterday was a largely successful test run of Figurehead Friday. Although you’re still welcome to ping the @Figureheads whenever, we’re going to set time aside on Friday the next two turns specifically to roleplay with players as their Figureheads. So, if you want to ask them for guidance or favors, get your questions ready and hit us with them Friday morning.

Furthermore, we’re aware we’ve fallen behind on the Community page, and are working to get caught up on it. Watch this space.



Our Discord community has taken campaign-themed their Tabletop Simulator assets above the next level to infinity and beyond. If you play TTS or are interested in trying it, seriously, check it out.

And that’s all for now! Stay safe, take care, and get those reports in.

Best regards,
Team Animosity

Turn 3 Ends Sunday, August 9th @ 11:59pm EST.
Turn 4 Begins Wednesday, August 12th at 12:00pm EST.

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