Halloween Event – The Root of All Evil

Hail, warriors! It has been some time since we last spoke, eh?

In a normal year, the changing seasons would herald the arrival of the Animosity Weekender. Those of you who played in The Hallowed Necropolis last year are already familiar with the format: three days of hard rolling, playing as many games as you can to try and sway the outcome in your favor, pushing models and sharing meals with your friends.

Alas, this is hardly a normal year.

In lieu of the 2020 Animosity Weekender, it is instead my pleasure to announce The Root of All Evil, a one-week, one-turn, one-shot campaign set in and around the twon of Bolyany in the aftermath of the Burning Winter. In keeping with spooky All Hallow’s Eve traditions the world over, The Root of All Evil will take place over the course of a single night: Mallusnacht, where the fiery red core of the World-That-Was appears in the sky above Lake Bykaal as a twin-tailed turnip… and all manner of strange and terrible things stalk the shadows by its malign light.

The Root of All Evil will begin Wednesday, October 21st, and run until the 28th. Players will be allowed to submit up to 3 Reports each from the existing 5 Report categories. We recommend depicting lower-ranking characters because, in place of the army actions of The Burning WInter, players will instead be leading patrols, scouting parties, single characters, and other groupings of Warcry warband size or smaller- and we can’t promise you’ll all survive the night…

So, yeah! That’s what we have going on. Please watch the #updates channel on our Discord as we continue to roll things out over the next few days. 

Oh, and did we mention the turnip monsters?
Original art by Luis B.

Best regards,
Team Animosity

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