Da Warpath has begun!

“What is #DaWarpath,” you ask? Let’s take a closer look!

Da Warpath is our prelude period before Animosity III – The Prime Dominion begins in earnest on July 14th. This allows players to catch up on campaign lore, plan their narrative and prepare their armies. If you’re an event organizer, or maybe you just want to rope in some friends, #DaWarpath gives you the opportunity to get folks involved before getting stuck in.

After months of writing, drawing, and revising, Team Animosity proudly presents the fruits of our labor. Looking around the site, you’ll discover…

… an updated landing page with 100% of a new player’s need-to-know provided at a glance. If you’ve ever thought “you know, so-and-so from my friendly local game store would really enjoy this sort of thing,” just send them over to AnimosityCampaigns.com! Oh, and don’t forget to meet the Team and check the FAQ while you’re there.

… a detailed map of the Prime Dominion, along with extensive location information and original illustrations! If you look close, you’ll even spot details like Lhoris’ Great Chain on the map.

… extensive information about all six Coalitions and their Figureheads, the satraps of the Iscarneth Ceraphate. And, let’s not count out Mithridates Alti, a wild card character returning from 2019’s Hallowed Necropolis campaign!

… three, count ‘em, three new short stories in the Unfolding Narrative section setting up the coming war- with lots more on the way, including featurettes of every satrap and the capable commanders who advise them!

… a revised Submit Reports page with this year’s submission information and MVP awards. Be sure to give these a good read now and again before the campaign begins!

… and we expect you’ve noticed this blog has moved from being the landing page all the way to the far side of the menu bar. We’re hoping to post updates here just as often as we’re able, and remember, even if you don’t have a twitter account, you can always follow tweets from @AnimosityCmpgns either through the twitter plugin on this page, or the #content-feed channel in our Discord.

That’s all for now- as if it isn’t plenty enough!- but don’t worry, we’re just getting started and there’s plenty more to come. 

Until next time,

Alex, on behalf of Team Animosity

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