Five fast facts about Mithridates Alti

You’ve read his biography, and you may even have fought for him once before during Animosity I. He’s a wild card who’s come to collect, and we expect you’ll be very well acquainted with him before this summer is over. So, who is he, exactly? Let’s find out a little more about him!

Alti isn’t actually a name

The Mithridates lineage ruled the hallowed necropolis of Amasya in Ghyran as benevolent Nagash-worshipping priest-kings for five generations. As the papency passed from father to firstborn son, so did the family name; “Alti” literally translates to “Six” in the language of the Amasyan, while Alti’s father Besh translated to “Five” and so on. Thus, Mithridates Alti’s name literally means “The Sixth Priest-King”.

He became a vampire out of necessity

Alti’s been ridiculed for his Soulblight curse, but the truth is, it was never something he wanted. His body failing after decades of war during the first century of the Age of Chaos, Mithridates Alti realized he would never live to see his home again; thus, he made a devil’s bargain with Mannfred von Carstein: five centuries of service in exchange for strength and immortality. It is a curse of necessity, and one Alti takes no pride nor joy in.

His father abandoned him during Animosity I

Ironically, Alti never actually ruled the Hallowed Necropolis as priest-king. As the Age of Chaos dawned, his father, Mithridates Besh, was mortally wounded by a plaguebearer’s knife. At the elder Mithridates request, his son carried him back to Amasya and entombed him within a black sarcophagus with the intention that he would rise again. Unfortunately, Alti would go on to betray Sigmar’s armies at the Eightpoints and become embroiled in the following wars against Sigmar and Archaon in Shyish.

When he finally did return home leading the Reclaimation during Animosty I, he discovered his father had become a vassal-creature for an entity players came to know as the Nemesis during the events of Animosity II. While Besh’s defeat is recorded elsewhere, his father’s fate- and the six centuries Alti wasted in pursuit of seeing his father and the city of his youth again- weighs heavily on Alti’s mind.

He cares about the Iscarneth Ceraphate

It is well known that Nagash uses the insidious curse of the Soulblight bloodlines to conquer new lands from within. Such was the task Mannfred von Carstein gave Mithridates Alti. With Nagash facing defeat by Archaon’s blade, Mannfred bade Alti to found a Soulblight conclave in the blinding light of Hysh. Alti found an easy mark in the aelf named Eresial, a kindred soul marked by desperation and a desire to save his people. Unfortunately, Alti’s eyes were always on returning home to Amasya- a mistake he now regrets, as he realizes the Iscarneth were, in fact, his flock to shepherd all along.

He’s not Mannfred von Carstein’s puppet

 A common misconception is that Alti is merely Mannfred’s goon, and while Mannfred did bail him out after the events of Animosity I, nothing could be further from the truth. Alti’s five centuries of service are done, and while even Mannfred assumes Alti will be a good little minion, Alti believes his finest hour has yet to come. With Nagash’s power broken by Teclis’ hand, Alti owes no fealty to the Mortarch and instead seeks the throne of Ceraph simply to become that which he was born to be: the king of a great city. 

So, what do you think of Mithridates Alti, knowing what you know now? Let us know on our Discord server!

This article was written by Alex P aka @LittleSoldierTV

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