Get started with Animosity Campaigns today!

So, you’ve heard the hype, maybe from Twitter, maybe from a player in your local group- no matter how you’ve heard of us, you’ve heard of us. “Animosity”, the word echoes in the depths of your mind. “Animosity”. But, “what is Animosity?”, we hear you ask, “and how do I get involved?” 

Good questions, and boy, do we have an answer for you!

After the initial flood of interest from kicking off #DaWarpath, we realized our global narrative event had an accessibility problem. So, Nick C. got to work writing down this guide to help folks find their feet and take part in the internet’s greatest global narrative events.

In the guide, you’ll find…

  1. In-a-nutshell, quick start overview of Animosity III
  2. Notes on using our Discord for folks who have never used Discord
  3. Training wheels for registering for a Coalition and submitting Reports
  4. Links to the rest of the campaign site to explore as you go
  5. And many more details besides!

But wait, there’s more!

So, you’re hyped, we’re hyped, everybody’s hyped. Armed with the power of the New Player’s Guide, you want to spread the word and get more people playing in the campaign. But how? Pre-formatted graphics by Nuno M., ready to share or print! Here’s just a few:

You can view the whole folder HERE. I know I’m having several professionally printed for my local game store, and they’re ideal for posting to local facebook groups, WhatsApp chats, and anywhere else you can think. And, when folks ask you what it’s all about, where do you send them? To the New Player’s Guide, of course, which is always accessible from our landing page!

Still can’t get enough? Don’t forget to read up on 5 fast facts about Mithridates Alti, an NPC Soulblight vampire you’re all going to get acquainted with very soon, and learn to navigate the treacherous shadowtides of the Prime Dominion’s sea of liquid light.

This article written by Alex P. aka @LittleSoldierTV

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