Poke fun at your pals with preposterous propaganda!

If you’ve read the short story “Ledgers of the Aurannar”, you’ll know that a fyrd of the Dreyrugr lodge led by Fyreslayer Runefather Haraldr-Grimnir crossed Idrelec land to reach Iscarion at the invitation of Iden the Auric, Satrap of the Aurannar. While much of the Prime Dominion is settled, Iscarion is the capitol of the Iscarneth Ceraphate; think of it a bit like Rome during the Republic. Scuttlebutt like this- a slight against a Satrap known for rages and violence and not taking slights lightly!- would surely be the talk of every drinking hole, bath house and disreputable burger joint in the city.

But why stop there? Why not write your own salacious propaganda?

Courtesy of Team Animosity’s own Nuno M, you can do just that! Worried that a chuglord train is bad for the Dominion’s delicate, unblemished environment? Suspect that the Ceraphate’s maritime traditions cannot sustain a preponderance of exploding boats? Or perhaps you simply wish to question the opposition’s choice of classy hats- regardless, the tools to do so* are in your hands. While you’re more than welcome to post your creations to our Discord community, feel free to share them on social media, or even your local group- and don’t forget the hashtag #AnimosityIII so we can see your work, too!

Powerpoint Templates
Backgrounds, fonts, and vintage design elements for you to make your own newspaper or advertising flyer pages.
You can save from PowerPoint by selecting everything on the slide, right click and “save as picture”.

Newspaper Clipping generator
For those very quick “Headline-and-text” shares, the easiest to use.

PosterMyWall newspaper generator
This comprehensive website has all you need if you don’t wish to use powerpoint, and you can upload your own images too.

Newspaper meme generator
Add your own image and create new text boxes quick & easily. Feel free to upload this background image below as a template, or use one you made yourself.

What’s that? You were expecting the Gaming Resources page to drop today? Don’t worry, it’ll be here soon- but first, we need to fetch a few more buckets of spit from our local mega-gargant to polish it with. Until then, here’s a quick look at what you can expect:

AGE OF SIGMAR and WarCry resources, including single player and rules for games set in the Prime Dominion
SOULBOUND guide for campaigns set during Animosity III
BACKDROP ILLUSTRATIONS to print and use for model photography or whatever else you can imagine

In the meanwhile, don’t forget to share our New Player’s Guide far and wide, catch up on 5 fast facts about the vampire Mithridates Alti (since some of ya’ll still seem to think he’s a carbon copy of his dad), learn how to traverse the sea of liquid light that spans the Prime Dominion, and revisit the improbably vast history of Animosity Campaigns!

*We trust that all propaganda will be good-natured teasing and Team Animosity won’t need to reprimand anyone for unnecessarily mean-spirited smack talk.

This article written by Alex P with help from Nuno M

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