Animosity III Registration has BEGUN!

That’s right! Maybe you’ve just heard about us, or maybe you’ve waited all winter for this; regardless, it’s here, it’s happening, and you can head over to our Discord and get registered to fight for your Coalition of choice RIGHT NOW. Simply stop by our #registration channel, tell us which Coalition you want to join, and we’ll update your role permissions as soon as possible!

So, what does registering do for you, exactly? First, you’ll get access to four- read ’em, four- private Coalition channels. This includes a Strategy channel for planning tactics and diplomacy with your teammates and a Conversation channel for collaborating on your Reports, sharing memes about opposing Coalitions, and otherwise shooting the breeze with your friends. You’ll also get access to a Figurehead channel for communicating directly with your Satrap and the enigmatic Mithridates Alti, as well as a read-only quick reference channel with everything you need to know, updated turn by turn with your Narrative Paths, Special Assets and much more!

Last but not least, registering on our Discord will also allow you to submit Reports during the campaign. Instead of collecting email addresses like last time, you will instead need a registered Discord handle (example: #NarrativePlayer8897) for your Report to be counted. This also allows us to contact you directly if we have questions about your Report- usually regarding how we can best represent you in our Unfolding Narrative!

But, that’s not all, folks! We’ll have updates coming to you every day between now and when Animosity III begins on July 14th. First things first, our Tabletop Resources page is finally complete, including a comprehensive Soulbound guide! Although we’ll have a more extensive post about this page soon, feel free to check them out for yourselves now.

Also in the pipeline are four more short stories about the Idrelec, Teclandec, Celandec and Ruyalar. If you haven’t already read the shorts touching on the Dornayar and Aurannar, well, what are you waiting for? And that’s saying nothing of Mithridates Alti and some common misconceptions about the benevolent vampire…

So, yeah- we hope you’ll join us for the absolute wild ride the next eight weeks will be!

This article was written by Alex P

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