To be an Equerry

Left to right: Haraldr-Grimnir, Mercules Manbreaker, Tetar-Munteq, the Composite Multitude, Vito Valencia, and Eris Bloodwrath. Models by Alex P

With less than two weeks until Animosity III begins, it’s understandable that we’ve been focused on the Satraps themselves (among others who wish to become Ceraph). You’ve read about the Dariel the Resplendant, Elusedrod the Deathly and Iden the Auric, but what of their equerries?

During development, the decision was made to focus the campaign’s narrative on the Satraps themselves. This meant the other Figureheads we wanted bounced around as “secondaries” and “advisors” for a while until finally emerging as Equerries, a middle ground between player character and Figurehead. 

As we’ve removed all guidelines for which factions should join which Coalitions, the equerries provide an interesting example of why you might fight for a certain Satrap. While some are straight forward, like the Khornate Black Pilgrim Eris Bloodwrath’s support of Atressa Redhand, others are less cut and dry, like devil’s bargain Renaya Oathsworn has made with the Composite Multitude, a Soulmason of Nagash’s dread Ossiarch empire*.

As a player, you’ve declared fealty to the Figurehead of your choice. However, this does not mean you’re fighting on behalf of your Equerry: they serve their Satrap the same as you. You will not be able to speak with them as you would a Satrap, but they may make (unsolicited) comments during your strategy discussions, which a Satrap will not.

Furthermore, the Equerries personally represent their Satrap on the battlefield. To reflect this, your Equerry counts as a Special Asset. Each turn, your Coalition may choose to send your Equerry into battle, providing a moderate bonus to all reports allocated to a single Narrative Path. HOWEVER, if the result of that Path is a loss for your Coalition, the Equerry’s force will take permanent damage and provide a smaller bonus next time it is allocated!

Finally, in the incredibly unlikely event a Satrap is killed** before the end of the campaign, it is the Equerry who will step up and lead the Coalition for the remaining turns***, so keep that in mind before making plans to slay a Satrap!

Be they friend or foe, expect to see a lot more of the Equerries in action during Animosity III…

This article was written by Alex P

*The Composite Multitude and his army, the Hallowed Supplicants, belong to Team Animosity member Cosgrove and are inspired by the events of Animosity I. During that campaign, generations of pilgrims to Sigmar’s pantheon had been buried in the Hallowed Necropolis. The Supplicants are made entirely out of those devout souls, providing a sick counterpoint to the Hallowed Knights Stormhost. “Only the Faithful”, indeed!

**After the deaths of almost half our figureheads during Animosity II, the decision was made to make it much harder to kill a Figurehead this time around. Simply staking your character in an Anvil of Apotheosis match up will no longer be enough to give players a chance to bump off Figureheads.

***Although we’re happy to roll with player improvisation, a precedent was set during Animosity II that Figureheads could be killed and replaced with player characters. As this places players in a place of authority over other players, even if it’s just in the story, the decision was made to prevent this from ever happening again.

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