Turn 2 begins July 21st at 12:00am EDT!

After so many months spent preparing for this campaign, it’s hard to believe the first turn is already over. Thank you ALL for participating! A tonne of cool stuff has happened, and we’re super excited to dig into your reports and start writing about them. So, what’s next, you ask?

Sunday, July 18th – @NarrativeLabs campaign stream kickoff from 2-5pm EDT! Their innovative mechanics allow YOU the audience to influence the game. Come stop by and hang out with other Animosity players from around the world!

Monday, July 19th – “After Action Reports” will be posted in your Coalition’s #reference channels, breaking down the outcome of the previous turn’s Narrative Paths. Chances are there will be a Hobby Hangout in the voice channel after, too!

Tuesday, July 20th – Saul P will be presenting a “best in show” article on our website’s blog featuring some truly outstanding Reports from the previous turn, as chosen by Leila C and Nick J!

Wednesday, July 21st – Again, Turn 2 begins with a new set of Narrative Paths in your #reference channels and, of course, the Turn 1 Unfolding Narrative for you to sink your teeth into!

Thanks again for jumping in this week. Here’s to the next four!

Article written by Alex P

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