Featuring team-based strategy and storytelling, Animosity welcomes you to forge your narrative alongside players from around the world in the internet’s best Warhammer: Age of Sigmar map campaigns.

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Meet the Narrative Event Organizer (NEO) team …

Alex Polimeni, “Old Stonebeard”

Not long ago, Alex was so upset by the End Times, he sold his work-in-progress Empire army and swore never to support Games Workshop ever again. Then, his girlfriend said to him, “If you want to play Age of Sigmar, I’d like to start collecting Skaven” and everything changed. These days, he keeps busy by playing Fyreslayers while painting his Blades of Khorne  and consuming every word printed by GW and Black Library so as to better preach the gospel of Sigmar.

Peter Charles, “Randolph Carter”

Grognard is the French word for “old grumbler.” Peter is too young to be a grognard, but he may be some day. He’s been dragged kicking and screaming into the last two editions, and yearns for a time before he, technically, knew that Warhammer was a thing at all. For all that he’s pretty excited about the directions the hobby’s narrative is going and the things you, the player, can do with it.