Animosity I – The Hallowed Necropolis

Animosity Campaigns re-launched in June 2019 with Animosity I – The Hallowed Necropolis. In the three days that followed, over 40 players at 6 events in 3 countries participated in the global narrative event.  Everything, including our player-written narratives, has been preserved in the Animosity I Omnibus.

  • What Came Before

Our story began deep in the wyldwoods of Ghyran upon the banks of the Ur-River, where Amasya- a sacred city, supposedly built upon the very place where Sigmar first set foot in the Realm of Life- was deliberately lost to history, so that the Dark Gods might never despoil it.

  • War Descends

Rediscovered by chance, armies of all the gods soon descended on Amasya. Mithridates Alti, last priest-king of Amasya, sought to reclaim his birthright, while Hammerhal Ghyra marched to annex the city into their domain. Beneath the black banners of the Everchosen, knights of ruin Qarang Sarn and Irkut Thousandeyes fought each other for their prize. Elsewhere, an ogor prophet called Da Maw Dat Walkz led a gruesome pilgrimage, while the Seraphon engineered an unlikely alliance of aelfs and greenskins to serve an unknown end.

  • The Unfolding Narrative

While each of these champions achieved their ambitions, true victory was denied them all. Mithridates Alti opened his father’s tomb, only to become besieged within it himself; Hammerhal took the city, yet found it already sacked. Qarang Sarn and Irkut Thousandeyes brought themselves to the brink of destroying each other, only to be reminded of their fealty. Da Maw Dat Walkz opened great slavering gullet-pits within the city walls, and although the Skoga Grakk collapsed the hallowed necropolis itself, the Seraphon’s true adversary eluded them.

  • Aftermath

With the hallowed necropolis destroyed by the celestial obliteration of a falling Seraphon constellation,  a new realmgate to Shyish has opened and the Ur-River has poured through it, ushering in a new phase of the war…