Turn 1 After-Action Report!

Turn 1 was a bloody affair out of the gate, yet it was diplomacy which carried the day on a few battlefronts. With the openings salvos of the war now over, the stakes could not be higher. Want to catch up on the Turn 1 Narrative Paths before you read? Find them here.


Narrative Path 1
Expedition vs. Wretched

Reinforcements pulled from New Dyunsk after the truce there were able to re-enforce the vanguard at Bolyany, just barely beating back the Wretched before they would have been overrun. The town itself was held in a pyrrhic victory, but they were unable to make any progress tracking Lord-Celestant Han Shinzong and the old growth turnip patches have been lost to the Wretched.

Narrative Path 2
Expedition vs. Pilgrimage
Ghyrplunge Realmgate

The fighting was fierce, and although many supply ships were escorted down the Strait of Lauchon to relative safety, Arali Heartsbane’s followers were ultimately victorious, their faith and sheer doggedness allowing them to take total control of the Ghyrplunge from the stooges of her pathetic half-brother. There will be no further resupply or reinforcement for the Expedition for the time being.

Narrative Path 3
Expedition vs. Perpetual
Old Dyunsk

After a day and a night of fighting, an agreement was struck between the Expedition and the Perpetual, both sides finding opportunity in avoiding a protracted fight for the ruined town. Together, they have begun attempts to gain entrance into the ancient Azyrite structures there. However, as the truce did not specify terms beyond Old Dyunsk itself, the bulk of the Perpetual reinforcements have bypassed the town and marched deeper into Lake Bykaal.

Narrative Path 4
Soulmuncherz vs. Wretched

After hard fighting over Poznyy, the Wretched have retreated back underground, leaving the surface to the Soulmuncherz and daring them to come down after them. The warrens are secure but the village and the corpse shallows belong to the Soulmuncherz, where the Idoneth and the Bonesplitterz have gone to work on the the frozen dead. The many, many cadavers from the battles raging across Bykaal have begun drifting down to the shallows as well, their lingering souls fresh for munching.

Narrative Path 5
Soulmuncherz vs. Pilgrimage
Shore of Sightless Faces

After two days of brutal fighting back and forth across the ice, the Soulmuncherz and the Pilgrimage struck a bargain, which afforded the Soulmuncherz control of the Shore of Sightless Faces and allowed the Arali Heartsbane’s relief column to advance southward toward Nyuranka. Hogrog canonized several heroes into da Grate Saga for their proppa scrappin’, and the Idoneth’s soul-mages have begun unraveling the shore’s secrets.

Narrative Path 6
Soulmunchers vs. Perpetual
Uyar Point

The Soulmuncherz had no stomach to fight- literally, as it were. Dyrnawen’s scouting parties did not have the numbers to hold this search site in the face of overwhelming odds. Intent not to lose Mithridates Besh’s trail, the Perpetual marched in force onto the ice, and with no real interest in fighting a losing battle, the Soulmuncherz retreated after the opening skirmishes. However, as they advanced, the Perpetual found dying Soulmuncherz where they had fallen as they withdrew, seemingly sickened but without visible wounds…

Narrative Path 7
Undivided vs. Wretched
The Breach

Although two great hosts of ruinous powers  met upon the icy field of battle eager for bloodshed,  the Oracle of Peace lived up to his name and found common ground with the warrior-orator Basalt Lord Qarang Sarn, turning away both their hosts without loss of life.

Narrative Path 8
Undivided vs. Pilgrimage

The opening assault struck hard and fast, pushing over the Ketkosmoshe and reaching the temple walls themselves; however, without timely reinforcement, the Pilgrimage could not maintain their momentum once it devolved to a siege, and were pushed back and almost routed until Arali arrived with her relief column. Suddenly outnumbered in the open field, the Undivided were forced to withdraw back behind their walls. Although the Undivided still hold the temple, the Ketkosmoshe and the Beshivet are in the hands of the Pilgrimage.

Narrative Path 9
Undivided vs. Perpetual
Cathedral of the Mariner

Zectoka and Irkut the Spineless locked might and wits, trading blows across entire battlelines like master duellists while Reikenor entered the Cathedral and attempted to discern its place in Zectoka’s plan to defeat Mithridates Besh. As the battle grinds to a stalemate, both sides find themselves frustrated- it is not the resounding victory Irkut hoped for, while the Perpetual have lost time and numbers on a fight they cannot risk losing.


Archived: Turn 1 Narrative Paths

Provided for posterity and reference, these are the Narrative Paths players were presented with at the top of Turn 1…


Narrative Path 1
Expedition vs. Wretched

Expedition: Making contact with Lord-Celestant Han Shinzong – or at least discovering his fate – is first among the Expedition’s standing orders. Unfortunately, the vanguard Anruil Brighteyes sent to range ahead along the Thawing has found itself ambushed and encircled by the beast and rat-things of the Wretched native to this cursed underworld. Although they’ve found temporary refuge among the local farming folk of Bolyany, it’s only a matter of time before the vanguard is routed or destroyed.

Wretched: Even an army of Chaos marches on its stomach. For generations, the townsfolk of Boylany have been allowed to eke out their existence by delivering worthy tithes of beets and turnips to warherds loyal to the Oracle of Peace. Now, these same mongrels who owe their lives to the Peace’s mercy have thrown in their lot with Sigmar’s whelps, sheltering the Expedition’s retreating vanguard from our cunning ambush. It is better they’re put to the sword then find their crops in the bellies of men, aelves and duardin.

Narrative Path 2
Expedition vs. Pilgrimage
Ghyrplunge Realmgate

Expedition: It has not taken long for the thorn in Anruil Brighteyes’ side to draw blood. Envoys of the Pilgrimage claim that the Expedition has already attacked them and slain one of their number, the Abhorrent vampire who fancied himself a saint. Whatever the truth, merchant ships of the Expedition’s followers camp have come under attack as they depart the Ghyrplunge. If the realmgate is lost to these zealots, the Expedition will be cut off behind enemy lines.

Pilgrimage: The bumbling fools of the Expedition have already slain one of the Pilgrimage’s number, the holy martyr named Pale Saint by his Court. There is no place in Sigmar’s light for those who do not cower at his feet, and in this, the God-King is no better than Nagash. As Anruil Brighteyes is too feeble-minded for diplomacy, Arali Heartsbane has been left with no choice but to secure the Ghyrplunge, and the resupply it offers, with blades and bloodshed.

Narrative Path 3
Expedition vs. Perpetual
Old Dyunsk

Expedition: With his armies making their way through the Ghyrplunge ship by ship, Anruil Brighteyes moved quickly to establish a mustering ground on the lake’s far shore south of Old Dyunsk. Now, the forces sent to secure the town and investigate the rumors of a Stormvault below it have reported a vast army of the Ossiarch Bonereapers bearing down on them. Every Azyrite knows what happened to the city of Lethis when the Legion of Grief breached its Stormvault and released Katakros back into Nagash’s service. That cannot be allowed to happen here.

Perpetual: Claiming Old Dyunsk is of paramount importance to Reikenor the Grimhailer, both to allow unfettered reinforcement to the lake’s other battlefields and to secure whatever forbidden power the thunder god may have secreted away beneath the town. To this end, legions of Ossiarch Bonereapers have already laid siege to Old Dyunsk. Once it is taken, their Mortisans will reshape it as the first of many new tithing sites.

Narrative Path 4
Soulmuncherz vs. Wretched

Soulmuncherz:“Koorrentz are wot takes us places in life.” Hogrog said unto the masses. Hogrog’s trackers told him, hours earlier, that they pinpointed the endpoint of the lake’s mystical currents: at the edgemost valley of Bykaal, where it drains into Gali’s Hooks. A huge pile of frozen dead bodies accumulates at the so-called Corpse Shallows. “An’ at the end ov da koorrent… da souls will find dere way to youz.” Under Deepkin incantations, the Soulmuncherz advanced stealthily onto shores near Poznyy.  They had no idea what horrors would emerge from beneath the village, but so long as it gave a proppa scrap, they didn’t much care, either…

Wretched: The Oracle of Humility did not see the first war parties arrive at Poznyy, under the cover of some tricksy aelvish spell, no doubt. These brutish ambushers arrived almost undetected and traveled deep across the lake, their attacks mostly probing against the forces arrayed for the battle to defend the edgeward shore. The humble lives of those who live under the hills of Poznyy, diligently working for the betterment of all, shall not be allowed to be put under threat by these invaders.

Narrative Path 5
Soulmuncherz vs. Pilgrimage
Shore of Sightless Faces

Soulmuncherz: Dyrnawen’s soulscryers have guided a host of Soulmuncherz to the Shore of Sightless Faces to investigate tales of strange fish in the area. Upon arrival, the Deepkin’s scryers have become so agitated they immediately called for reinforcements to secure this part of the lake at all costs, and prevent any further ships from traveling down the Thawing and further into the lake.

Pilgrimage: Arali has commanded her forces to strike into Lake Bykaal’s heart like a plunging dagger. Skirting the mountains around Bolyany by keeping to the shores of the Thawing, these fast-moving armies have found themselves strung out, surrounded by cloying mists and beset by the brutish children of Gorkamorka lurking within them. If it is a fight the Idoneth Deepkin and their thick-headed pawns want, then it is a fight Arali will give them. Should the Pilgrimage falter here, those armies already fighting the Undivided will surely be overwhelmed.


Narrative Path 6
Soulmunchers vs. Perpetual
Uyar Point

Soulmuncherz: Dyrnawen of the Void Trenches, the Silverfish of Mor’phann, has been wary of Starmaster Zectoka’s goals, after hearing what his celestial arts wrought in Amasya. Destruction at that scale cannot be permitted to happen here. And now, the Perpetual forces are upon them: they have been found crossing the icebergs covering New Dyunsk. Many cursed souls are trapped here around Tsatraya: an easy resource, and something that the Silverfish cannot ignore… yet these are not really the souls he is looking for. Not yet. He needs more time. These Perpetual will learn to keep away from the bounty of the soul eaters.

Perpetual: The key to this entire conflict is the priest-king Mithridates Besh and the doom he portends. Omens discerned by both Reikenor and Zectoka indicate the path this man treads has some conflation with the Idoneth Deepkin, yet the meaning of that connection is still veiled. Meanwhile, the scouting parties sent to run Besh to ground have instead found themselves hard pressed near Tsatraya by a horde of grots, orruks and ogors aided by Idoneth magic. This cannot be a coincidence; the Perpetual’s armies must break free of this engagement and continue their pursuit of Besh.

Narrative Path 7
Undivided vs. Wretched
The Breach

Undivided: Burdening his greatest champions with the chore of guarding the Enlightenment Engine concealed within Nyuranka, Qarang Sarn himself pursues a challenge more to his liking: putting the upstart beast-shaman who fancies himself an oracle in his place. More than the Gods favor rests in the balance, however: the army which controls the ice around the Breach has the ability to strike anywhere around the lake they wish.

Wretched: The Oracle of Peace has summoned a procession of forgiveness, a dangerous trek into the center of the lake, across the icy surface and the mists. His forces are used to it, they are hardy and have learned to avoid the longships of the dead. They have issued a challenge to the Varanguard invader Qarang Sarn, at the great breach in the ice at the center of the lake. They will draw him out. They will make him beg for forgiveness. He will bend or break, and in so doing, so will his armies. 

Narrative Path 8
Undivided vs. Pilgrimage

Undivided: The aspiring champions entrusted with guarding Nyuranka shall not take a single step backward, for secreted away within the long-abandoned temple complex is Irkut Thousandeyes’ prize bauble: the Enlightenment Engine of Teclis. With both Irkut and Qarang Sarn away, these warbands must prove themselves in the eyes of the Everchosen and break their Pilgriamge besiegers before enemy reinforcement can arrive.

Pilgrimage: Heedless of the cost, the most zealous among the Pilgrimage have pursued the Undivided across Lake Bykaal like a hound hunts a fox. While Arali’s agents cannot say why the Undivided have claimed the ruined temple of Nyuranka and the so-called Kingspyre which guards it, their reasons matter little: every last maggotkin, arcanite, bloodreaver and hedonite among them cannot be allowed to escape with their lives. Although the Undivided outnumber the Pilgrimage three to one, it shall be an even fight…

Narrative Path 9
Undivided vs. Perpetual
Cathedral of the Mariner

Undivided: Irkut Thousandeyes’ mind and body burns with the light of pure Hyshian enlightenment. He has seen beyond the veil of reality, and has borne witness to truths the likes of which the Slann and the Gaunt Summoners jealously keep to themselves. Predicting the Starmaster Zectoka’s movements even before he’s made them, Irkut is eager to match wits with a worthy opponent- and perhaps even bathe in the glory of finally defeating this ancient adversary of the Ruinous Powers.

Perpetual: For an intellect as unknowable and vast as Zectokas, countless possible futures cross like the weave of some great cloth. One such place of convergence is the Bay of Bysuud, where Zectoka’s design to defeat Mithridates Besh’s ambitions intertwines with a grave threat to both Dracothian and Nagash.  The Undivided’s control of an intact Enlightenment Engine and the aelven secrets within it marks a clear and present threat to Zectoka and his fellows. The Perpetual must claim the Cathedral of the Mariner and drive the Undivided from Bysuud.

#DaWarpath Roundup!


Ricki Smith - Mallust Shadowwalker forms and Shadowdrinker

Ricki Smith’s Shadowhost Revenants, Mallus Shadowwalker the Urhani Noble in two different forms and the first of the Kheitani Shadowdrinkers. You can see more of Ricki’s work on Twitter @RLRsmith88

Oh, wow. #DaWarpath ran for only a couple of weeks, but we saw an incredible amount of enthusiasm for the hobby and the narrative. How much is “an incredible amount”? Go see- and read- for yourself over on the Community page!

With over 60 reports already received for Turn 1 and many more in the pipeline, you can expect another amazing Community update next week with more amazing hobby photos and short stories by the players, for the players.

Turn I Ends Sunday, July 26th @ 11:59pm EST.
Turn II Begins Wednesday, July 29th at 9:00am EST.

Turn 0 Unfolding Narrative + CAMPAIGN MAP!


For the record, every single one of those trees was individually hand-drawn by our in-house illustrator, Katie H.

Sorry for the delay, but you read that right, it’s finally here. Sink your teeth into the Turn 0 Unfolding Narrative, and then head over to the Campaign Setting page to continue admiring our beautiful map. Remember, every single location named has a corresponding description, and while some are just plot hooks for your own storylines, others will prove incredibly important before this war is over.

On that note, for those of you who aren’t familiar with our Unfolding Narrative mechanic, we’d advise you to read it with a fine tooth comb. Generally, there’s a reason Team Animosity picked these particular moments in time to focus on- and even if a particular story doesn’t seem to immediately relate to your Coalition or Figurehead, that doesn’t mean it won’t down the line…

With these updates completed, Turn 0 is in YOUR hands. We’ll be working on keeping the Community page updated with your narratives and hobby projects throughout the week, but otherwise, our job is done- well, for now, anyway.

May your gods favor you, warrior!
Team Animosity

Turn 1 Ends Sunday, July 26th @ 11:59pm EST.
Turn 2 Begins Wednesday, July 29th at 9:00am EST.





24 hours until WAR! Share #DaWarpath with your friends!

It’s almost here, and Team Animosity has been working around the clock to make it happen. So, what can you expect from us over the next 24 hours? Why, just a couple-two-three little things:

  • A masterfully rendered map of Lake Bykaal and the myriad of locations that dot its surface and shores, such as the depressing, root-vegetable-farming town of Bolyany:

Once a small farming community around a central market-town hub, Bolyany was sparsely populated but always busy, farmer’s wagons pouring into its market square every day and traders from all around the lake would coming to buy produce. The root  crops were withered and meagre by any standard, but still superior to any grown elsewhere around the lake.

Wait, where’s that text coming from, you ask? Why, it’s because aforementioned map will be dropping with…

  • No fewer than 47 unique location descriptions to help you forge your narrative. For example, that’s not all we know about Bolyany:

Local tribes-folk now inhabit the place, a twisted husk of what it once was but still growing some form of crop, namely blood-red sour beets and extremely large varieties of hideous turnip, and pretty much the only source of food around the lake. The sullen masked people whisper prayers to nameless gods, but mostly keep to themselves and tend to their eerie gardens.

In addition to this massive expansion of Animosity II’s campaign setting, you and your Coalition will finally be able to dig into the…

  • Report form with 9 Narrative Paths. That’s 3 Paths per Coalition, each opposed by 3 different Coalitions. That means every single Coalition is fighting a battle on 3 fronts from the word “WAAAGH!”. For example, if you’ve joined the Expedition, you could have the choice to visit, that’s right, you guessed it, Bolyany:

Making contact with Lord-Celestant Han Shinzong- or at least discovering his fate- is first among the Expedition’s standing orders. Unfortunately, the vanguard Anruil Brighteyes sent to range ahead along the Thawing has found itself ambushed and encircled by the beast- and rat-things of the Wretched native to this cursed underworld. Although they’ve found temporary refuge among the local farming folk of Bolyany, it’s only a matter of time before the vanguard is routed or destroyed.

Of course, our Narrative Paths are nothing without…

  • The Turn 0 Unfolding Narrative, throwing you into the thick of current events and grounding your narratives in the present moment. Where #DaWarpath has portrayed your march to war, Turn 0 is where the boots meet the ground.

We’re still putting the finishing touches on the Turn 0 Unfolding Narrative, so you’ll just have to check back tomorrow to read it…

Speaking of #DaWarpath, we’ve got a BIG update coming for the Community page later today or tomorrow with YOUR hobby and narratives. We’ve been struggling to stay on top of the absolute flood photos and stories in the past few days, but don’t mind us- keep ’em coming!

So, that’s what we’ve got going on. But, what about you? Just like your narratives are an integral part of our campaign experience, your enthusiasm is what makes these things happen. With less than a day left on #DaWarpath, what can you do to help? Well, if you know some folks in your local group who like watching Warhammer YouTube videos, why don’t you put them onto this feature we recorded with absolute legend and all-around great guy Doug Griggs from 2+ Tough?

Or maybe they prefer to read their shameless self-promotion the old fashioned way, and would fancy a look at the Introduction to Animosity II we posted last week. No? Well, I don’t know anybody who’s ever turned down a stunning theatrical trailer… or maybe you just need to slap their facebook messenger chat with this little infograph:


No matter how you help spread the word, every little bit helps. We’re working to build a vibrant and robust narrative play community for Age of Sigmar for years to come, and each and every one of you is a part of that community. So, please, if you have a minute today, let a friend know about Animosity, and we’ll see you- and them- tomorrow, on the frozen surface of Lake Bykaal…

Alex P.
On behalf of Team Animosity
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New Figurehead Narrative: The Pilgrimage!

As our last few updates drop before the campaign goes live next week, we’d like to take a moment to focus on a Coalition that’s near and dear to our hearts. You know them. They know you. They’re The Pilgrimage, and they’re mad as hell.

Are you a Good Guy, but not about that life of bureaucracy and red tape that Sigmar’s civilizations are all about? Do you just want to put your sword in the foes of Order, like the silly walking skeletons of the Perpetual or the wretched talking animals of the Wretched without taking orders from some Magister of Hammershammers? Have you been chanting “ONLY THE FAITHFUL!” every five minutes since you were reforged? Then the Pilgrimage is the place for you, friend.

Remember, you’re always welcome to come and chat with other players in your coalition on the Animosity Discord server. If that’s not your jam, just keep posting your hobby and narratives to social media with the #DaWarpath and #AnimosityII hashtags, and we’ll aggregate it on our Community page once or twice a week!




Animosity II: You Learn To Swim By Jumping In!

This past week has seen many new faces- and a few returning ones- coming around to see what Animosity is all about. With just one weekend (and six sleeps) until the campaign kicks off, we thought it a good idea to give you guys a crash course…

If you’re coming back for more, either after last year’s Animosity I or from our Warhammer Fantasy days, then chances are you aren’t asking “What Is Animosity Campaigns?“… but, if you’re new here, you might want to see what we’re all about before you read anything else.

If you are ready to dig into Animosity II – The Burning Winter but don’t know where to begin, then How To Participate is where you need to be. Our format has changed considerably, both from our forum-based days and, courtesy of COVID-19, last year’s event.

Most notably, Animosity II is not a map campaign. Although there will be a map, it is for narrative purposes only. Instead, each turn, your Coalition will be faced with three diverging Narrative Paths. The more Battle Reports you put into each Narrative Path, the more likely it will be successful. Keep in mind, there will always be an enemy Coalition opposing you, meaning you’re going head-to-head with other players from the top of Turn 1.

You win- or lose- the campaign by how successfully your Coalition navigates the Unfolding Narrative. There is no clean, numerical scoring: players will need to read the narrative and make their best guess. Beyond the campaign narrative, there are a large number of player achievements we will recognize at the end of the campaign, too.

Now that you know where you stand, we can dig into the fun stuff. If you haven’t already seen the Theatrical Trailer, you need to stop reading this and go watch it right now. Seriously, we didn’t pay a talent agency top dollar for Elric Edge’s deep, husky voice from Rolling Bad for nothing. So, you’ve seen it now, right? Good, let’s continue.

Next, you’re gonna want to read The Story So Far. You’re a busy grown adult, it’s 2020, we get it, but if you don’t read a word of the rest of our narrative, you should read The Story So Far. That’s right, it’s so important that we linked The Story So Far no less than three, make that four, times.

So, you know The Story So Far now, right? We’re on the same page? Great! Now you’re ready to figure out which Figurehead and Coalition is for you. You see, our players are divided into teams we call Coalitions, and each Coalition is led by an NPC we call a Figurehead. Figureheads allow us to write about your characters without, you know, writing them for you, because nobody wants that.

Each Coalition is themed around a handful of factions. For example, if you’re a goody two-shoes Order player, you could fight for The Expedition, led by an aelf trying to escape the shadow of his father’s legacy. If you prefer more violence and bloodshed with your Order, then The Pilgrimage is the place for you! They’re led by the previously mentioned aelf’s half-sister. Oh, and the Flesh-Eater courts have joined them because they think Daughters of Khaine are Valkyries, or something. *shrug*

If the Dark Gods are more your style, then you can’t go wrong with The Undivided. Led by two Varanguard who bicker like an old married couple, they’ve juuust about figured out the secrets of aelven god-binding. If you’re more of a degenerate beast-thing, rat-thing, or just a barbarian in a loin cloth, then The Wretched have you covered. Led by the Oracles of Peace and Humility, they’re ironic and can break your face with a club covered in rusty nails!

Speaking of breaking face, da Soulmuncherz are a dream-team of Idoneth and the forces of Destruction. What was worse than grots, orruks, and ogors charging at you? Not knowing grots, orruks, and ogors are charging at you until after they’ve already charged at you. But, hey, maybe you just want to save the Mortal Realms, in which case The Perpetual are the Coalition for you. While everyone else faffs about, your eyes are on a prize that will prevent- ah, well, we don’t want to say too much just yet…

Sound good? You’re darn right it does. Animosity Campaigns has sixteen years of worldwide online campaign experience under our belts. So, what are you waiting for? Join our Discord server! Meet the other players in your Coalition! Prefer to stay socially distant? That’s fine too! No matter what you do, this is the campaign for you!

Just submit your reports and tag your stuff with #DaWarpath and #AnimosityII on social media so we can share it to our Community page. What is our Community page? It’s a showcase of YOUR stories and hobby that’s updated every single turn so our players can follow along with each other’s efforts.

That’s what our campaigns are all about, after all: collaborative storytelling. And if all this hasn’t gotten you to board the hype train, then we’ve even got a soundtrack on Spotify to get you pumped.

May your gods favor you,
Everyone on Team Animosity



Expanded Coalition Descriptions!

Yesterday’s update was big, but today’s is even better. Every single Coalition page has been expanded with insight into the forces that comprise it and the Figureheads whom lead it. Head over to the Figureheads & Coalition page to check them all out!

With this update, we’re opening the doors on our Coalition channels on the Animosity Discord server. Featuring both a private text and voice channel for every Coalition, you’ll be able to collaborate on your narrative with other players, strategize report allocation once the campaign begins, and as time allows, the Figureheads themselves may even weigh in on your discussions!


The Oracle of Humility and the Oracle of Peace, Figurehead NPCs for the Wretched.

That’s not quite everything, though. Nothing has stirred more curiosity than the Wretched’s Brayherd and Skaven duo, the Oracles of Peace and Humility. “What’s their deal?” you’ve asked. Well, their Figurehead narrative’s been added, so, uh… go see for yourself!

We’re reaching the end of the road, but there’s still more updates to come- namely, the map and its locations, and some other details that’ll become important a little bit later…


YOUR Narrative Need-To-Know!

With the campaign launch day of June 22nd fast approaching, Team Animosity has been working ’round the clock to finish up everything you need to get stuck in. Thus far, we’ve only been teasing our main story, but today, we’re gonna dive right into it:

The Story So Far is where you’ll find what’s gone down since our last campaign, and what the stakes are this time- from the underworld you’ll be fighting in to what lurks below Lake Bykaal… and the mysterious figure at the eye of the gathering storm.

Animosity Campaigns are a different breed of narrative event. Each addition to our lore, including every Figurehead narrative, is carefully considered and written with the intention of forging a single, unbroken story arc. We’re aware our approach is a bit wordy, but even if something seems extraneous now, trust us… it’s not.

That said, all we’ve done is set the stage: your characters are the actors. This only works with YOUR contributions, and everything we write is meant as tools to forge YOUR narrative. Case in point is this #DaWarpath short story sent to us by Ron H., whose Lumineth Realm-lords have arrived to reinforce Anruil Brighteyes’ Expedition. Enjoy, and we’ll be back with more exciting updates tomorrow!

Arras’ Arrival
by Ron H.

Another 3 transport ships appeared from the Ghyrplunge Realmgate and sailed towards the Expedition camp. The first ship docked close by the camp and lowered the rampart, while the other two ships waited till the first had emptied.

First of the ship was an aelf clad in white armor and regal purple robes. He had long, golden hair, tied in a knot. In his left hand he held his helmet, with two purple plumes stretching out from the sides like angel wings. In his right hand he held the leash of an elegant, brown warhorse, which he guided of the ship.

As the aelf sat foot on the shore he looked around. A slight look of disgust appeared on his face and he turned to his horse.

By Hysh’s light, to what forsaken place have we been sent, Fornost?”

The horse shook his head, as if it understood what the aelf just said to him.

Talking to your horse doesn’t make it a better place, lord.”

The lord turned to see an aelf woman, clad in a purple robe, a golden laurel on her head, and her face covered by a veil, standing behind him.

“I talk to him to make him more at ease. He is a bit on edge. It is probably because of this place. Even I feel ill at ease here.”

Yes, I sense a great sorrow hanging over this lake. Something large and powerful is lurking in these waters. But we have to focus, we are sent here with a specific mission, lest you have forgotten, lord?”

No Felosial, I haven’t forgotten it. Its retrieval is of the utmost importance. Though I have not much faith in our allies, they seem divided and focused on different things.”

Yes, they are indeed divided. But I think we made the right choice to support the brother in this, he seemed to be calmer of the two.”

As the two aelf are talking, the second and third boat dock and throw out their ramparts. Felosial turns to the lord.

The Vanari are ready to come ashore, my lord. They are waiting for your signal.”

The lord nodded, let loose of the leash, and grabbed a horn. He puts it to his mouth and blows. The sound from the horn echoes through the canyon. Banners raise from the deck of the ships and the Vanari march down the ramparts. Wardens, with their long pikes, Sentinels with their longbows and Dawnriders disembark from the transport ships.

Noise came from the Expedition camp, as the horn alerted them to the presence of the Lumineth. Several minutes later, several riders came galloping towards the disembarking Lumineth. The lord steps on his horse, and motions towards two disembarked Dawnriders to do the same, he then turns towards Felosial, the Scinari Cathallar.

Felosial, when they have finished disembarking set up a camp. We Lumineth need a little more style then what they can bring us.”

And what are you going to do, lord?”

I am going to introduce myself to our allies. They should know that Lord Arras of Syar has arrived, with an Auralan Legion and a Dawnrider-Lance.”

And Arras spurred on his horse, towards the incoming outriders, closely followed by two Dawnriders, with one carrying the banner of the Syar.


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New Figurehead narrative – the Undivided!

Another day, another update, as promised- this time, introducing you to some familiar faces leading the Undivided. If you participated in Animosity I last year, you may remember Basalt Lord Qarang Sarn and Irkut “the Spineless” Thousandeyes. After that campaign concluded- with the ruinous powers’ warriors razing a sacred grove of Alarielle, pillaging a tower of Teclis, and sacking a palace of Malerion- the two Varanguard fled through the Ghyrplunge realmgate with their ill-gotten gains. If you’re a mono-god Chaos player, this is probably the place for you!


In other news, last night’s hobby hangout on the Animosity Discord server was great fun! I’m scheduling another for this coming Saturday, July 18th, at 9pm EST. Stop by and say hello!