Da Big Eat

Da Big Eat believes Amasya is the den of “da maw dat will eat da wurld”, and fight only to butcher and consume their foes. To this end, your figurehead da Maw dat Walkz has commanded you to capture Gorkoyuk as your primary objective, with Karanlik Saray and Teselli Alari as secondary objectives. 
(Check the Realm of Battle page for the campaign map, coming April 19th!)


The following factions must join the Da Big Eat for the duration of the campaign:

  • Gutbusters
  • Gloomspite Gitz
  • Bonesplitterz
  • Flesh-Eater Courts

The following factions can choose to join this coalition for the duration of the campaign:

  • Beastclaw Raiders
  • Kharadron Overlords
  • Fyreslayers

Allegiance Abilities

Fighting for Da Big Eat, you can expect your coalition-specific traits and artefacts to key off charging your opponent, with your Desperate Measures based on dealing wounds on the charge. (Check back April 19th for more information!)


Numerous ghoul kings jockey for position in “da big eat”, for the lord whom best provides for his court could soon stand elevated as Archregent of Amasya…

There is a cautionary tale told to Gutbuster whelps about a Tyrant who blamed his tribe’s Butcher for their lack of food. The Tyrant told the butcher, “You need neither your pot nor hands to use it, for there’s nothing to slaughter!” and cut off the Butcher’s hands with his own cleavers before throwing him into a stew-pot and casting him off down the Ur-River. The story goes on to say how the Tyrant blamed everybody else for his own failings before the tribe eventually ate him, but nobody ever thinks to ask what happened to the poor Butcher.

Another tale, a more recent tale, is told about the campfires of Gutbusters, Bonesplitterz and more besides. In this tale, a great beast of an ogor emerged from the depths of the Ghyranic wilderness and came upon an encampment of Gloomspite Gitz. The ogor’s hands were gone, replaced instead with the tools of a butcher pressed and bound into the scarred stumps. Behind him he pulled a great stew pot, chained to his back by meat-hooks.

Not looking to pick a fight, the cowering grots offered him their most succulent mushrooms. The slavering ogor graciously accepted this gift, and told the diminutive greenskins of a promised land, where mushrooms the size of troggoths grew in a stagnant, rotting shadow-palace. This was the home of “da maw dat wuld eat da wurld”, and it was from whence he had come, and where he would return with them, if they chose to follow.

So the ogor’s pilgrimage began, and the tale of da Maw dat Walkz was born. To the Bonesplitterz, he spoke of an ancient mountains, the spine of Ghyran itself. To the Gutbuster and Beastclaw tribes he encountered, he told of a bounteous forest rife with beasts, and of great pits in which to herd and butcher them. It’s said he’s wandered from one edge of Ghyran to the other, forever seeking his promised land.

Perhaps most surprising, his tale has spread to the ghoul courts of the Carrion King, whose noble patriarchs beheld in da Maw a benevolent ally, whose dream could feed their people for a century. Already delusional, da Maw’s supposed paradise was hardly a bridge too far for the ravening degenerates, and multitudes have already flocked to his procession. Together, they need only follow the other armies marching against Amasya, feasting upon those stupid enough to cross their path along the way.