Frequently Asked Questions

Not quite sure about something? Hopefully, you’ll find your answer here.  If you can’t, please let us know at or on social media!

Q: Is Animosity free to play?

A: Yes, absolutely! Although we’re aware individual organizers may need to cover venue costs, Animosity Campaigns itself will always be free to participate in.

Q: Are Animosity Campaigns canon?

A: Oh, absolutely not. We are completely unofficial and unsupported in any way.

Although the Animosity team attempts to adhere to canon as closely as possible, our campaigns are comprised of both official canon and our own fan-fiction. We highly recommend exploring Games Workshop’s official supplements and Black Library novels, as we’ve already read most of them ourselves.

You are also welcome to integrate your local group’s narrative armies and characters into the Unfolding Narrative of Animosity, as collaborative storytelling is the goal of the event.

Q: Do I need to sign up ahead of time, or can I just start submitting reports when things get started?

A: No registration is necessary this time around. That said, you will be asked to provide an email address when submitting reports; this is to help us prevent report stacking. This info will be deleted immediately after the campaign concludes.

Q: Can I make more than one report per each campaign turn?

A: Each player can only submit one Report of each type (either Game, Hobby, Writing) each turn. However, different types of reports can be submitted for different Coalitions in different Campaign turns.

Eg. Sarah finishes painting a Daemon Prince that has a backstory, gives it a name and chooses the Undivided coalition for it. She submits a few pictures of it fighting some Stormcast Eternals following the Expedition coalition, and writes a few details of what the character is doing, as a Hobby submission for the Undivided. Then, in the next turns, she decides to instead focus on the Stormcast Eternals that were attacking her Daemon Prince, and uses them in a solo battleplan, playing the adventure of their escape from the battle as they secure a tower, and submits the results of that as a Game submission for the Expedition. In the same turn, she also submits a Hobby Report of photos of the battle between the two, and logs that in favour of the Daemon Prince’s coalition. Finally, for the next campaign turn, she decides to write up a 2-page story of how the Stormcast Eternals make a final stand against the Daemon and end up having their souls captured, and submits that as a Writing submission.

Her first Report nets a point for the Coalition of the Undivided, in the second turn one Report nets a point for the Expedition and another for the Undivided, and finally the last Report nets a point for the Undivided again.

Q: Does my army have to belong to the suggested Factions listed under each Coalition?

A: Team Animosity wants to accommodate maximum creativity, so players are allowed to play factions other than those suggested in a given Coalition. Animosity Campaigns are all about strange bedfellows in strange times. That said, we strongly encourage players to come up with a narrative reason for why these unusual alliances have formed.

Eg. We aren’t saying Skaven wouldn’t fight on behalf of a primarily Order coalition, but we’d like to see a clever narrative explanation for why and how they’re aiding the Order armies.

Q: How do I win an Animosity Campaign?

A:  Each Figurehead and their Coalition will be attempting to accomplish a general goal; the more successful you are at accomplishing that goal, the “better” you will do in the campaign. There are also a number of achievement categories where you may distinguish yourself, which you can find here. These awards will be recognized after the end of the campaign, and winners will be mailed a small custom prize. The biggest reward in Animosity is influencing the story with your reports, and seeing the characters and stories you created incorporated into the Unfolding Narrative.

Q: When I submit a Hobby report, does it get scored for its quality and does that help me score more points for my coalition?

A: Hobby quality is indeed scored and ranked, and that will count towards the final Hobby achievement awards. It will not, however, count for your coalition’s score in the Unfolding Narrative: only your choice of Narrative Path counts for that turn.

Q: Do I need to have read all the Age of Sigmar lore and Black Library books, to get all the background details right?

A: Goodness, no. While it helps to have an understanding of how the Mortal Realms work, especially if you want to write, it is certainly not required. DO NOT let it intimidate you: accessibility is an important aspect of Age of Sigmar, and the Mortal Realms are a big and wacky place. Many unusual things can be found there, and your imagination will more than likely add, rather than detract, to the richness of it.

Q: When you say a home game, does this mean actual physical games against an opponent? Shouldn’t I be social distancing due to COVID-19 lockdown?

A: The Animosity Team highly recommends keeping home games between members of your household, or playing remotely via a webcam. Alternatively, games can be played via online platforms like Tabletop Simulator.

Q: Can I use any unique named Heroes from Age of Sigmar in Animosity II?

A: Yes and no. Animosity is very much about “your dudes” and their stories. Although players are welcome to incorporate minor unique heroes into their armies, you may never use them as your general / player character. Furthermore, the following characters are banned from inclusion in the campaign:

Celestant-Prime, Aventis Firestrike, Alarielle the Everqueen, Morathi, High King Volturnos, Teclis & Celennar, Brokk Grunggson, Lord Kroak, Archaon Everchosen, The Glottkin, Thanquol and Boneripper, Be’Lakor, Shalaxi Helbane, Skarbrand, Rotigus, Kairos Fateweaver, Nagash, Katakros, Arkhan, Neferata, Lady Olyander, Gordrakk, Skragrott the Loonking

All Reports including any of these characters will be discarded and will not count toward scoring of any type.

Q: Hold up! Mannfred von Carstein isn’t listed alongside the other Mortarchs. What gives?

A: Unlike the others, Mannfred has a canon history of being depicted as a lone agent. Those of you who participated in Animosity I may also recall Mannfred had a very small cameo, so it’s entirely possible he’d be lurking in the shadows. He is the Mortarch of Night, after all…

Q: When I submit a narrative writing Report, how far can I go with my creativity? Can I destroy Lake Bykaal with Sigmar’s Great Bolts? Can I kill off one of the Figureheads in my narrative writing?

A: You can certainly try. The Animosity team attempts to incorporate everyone’s contributions to the story, but we certainly want to encourage players to maintain a certain amount of coherence to their stories. We do reserve our right to veto and adapt any contribution, and we may contact the player regarding how to best do this.
As advice, if you want to make something big happen, build it up: try to explain how your army/warband/character has managed to acquire the important information that makes it possible, or try to match the narrative decisions that made your coalition reach their enemies’ HQ. Weave your story with those of others and make use of the resources made available each Unfolding Narrative turn. The more of these details you put together, the higher the chances of being able to pull off something big.

Q: Even though each type of report can only be submitted once, can we still participate or submit extra things for the same category to further push multiple narratives without getting any type of campaign credit?

A: Certainly! It’s entirely possible extra effort will count toward the Unfolding Narrative and/or your progress toward certain Achievement Awards, but to keep the game balanced and prevent report stacking, we’ve imposed the restriction on how many times you can push the Narrative Paths.