Frequently Asked Questions

Not quite sure about something? Hopefully, you’ll find your answer here.  If you can’t, please let us know on facebook, via twitter, or by email!

Q: My faction isn’t listed on a coalition page! May I still join that coalition?

A: No. The coalitions have been deliberately structured to tell a story, and all factions are present in at least one coalition.

Q: If my faction allegiance and my allies are from two different coalitions, how do I know which coalition to join?

A: Always default to your primary faction allegiance. Your allies are simply assumed to be very understanding people.

Q: As a NEO, can I play in my own event?

A: Yes, absolutely! You should only ever have to “gamemaster” from the sideline if that’s what YOU want to do.

Q: Do my opponent and I need to report our battle to the same location on the campaign map?

A: No! When your battle is reported to the campaign map, it is assumed you fought *somebody* from your opponent’s coalition there, but not necessarily your actual opponent’s army. This allows coalitions to strategically allocate their battle reports.

Q: Is Animosity free to play?

A: Yes, absolutely! Although we’re aware individual NEOs may need to cover venue costs, Animosity Campaigns will always be free to participate in.

Q: Are Animosity Campaigns canon?

A: Oh, absolutely not. Although the NEO team attempts to adhere to canon as closely as possible, our campaigns and our Time of War background section are comprised of both official canon and our own fan-fiction. We highly recommend exploring Games Workshop’s official supplements and Black Library novels, as we’ve already read them.

More to come …