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Season 4 - The Bleeding Wilds

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Q: When does Animosity IV – The Bleeding Wilds begin?

A: Animosity IV – The Bleeding Wilds is a five-week narrative event beginning June 29th. 

Player turns last 4 days and run from 12:00am EST Wednesday through 11:59pm EST Saturday. The update period lasts 3 days and runs from Sunday through Tuesday.

Q: How do I participate?

A: Players submit Reports each turn through a report form on our website. The form and other submission guidelines can be found here. Player reports are divided into five types: Play, Hobby, Writing, Storytelling, Arts & Crafts. Players may submit one Report of each type up to a maximum of three Reports each turn. When you submit a Report through the report form, you’ll be able to choose 1 of 3 Narrative Paths available to your Coalition that turn. You may allocate your Reports to as many or as few Narrative Paths as you choose. The more reports allocated to each Narrative Path, the more likely your Coalition will enjoy a favorable outcome in the Unfolding Narrative. Winning Narrative Paths- and the margin you win them by- determines how well your Coalition does during the campaign.

Q: How do I join a Coalition?

A: From June 22nd, you’ll be able to register to play for a Coalition in our Discord. After registering, you will be granted access to private channels to collaborate, discuss strategy, and engage in diplomacy with other players in your Coalition. You can join our Discord community here.

Q: Do I have to join Discord to play in Animosity IV? 

A: Yes. Please visit the New Player’s Guide here.

Q: Help! I can’t keep up with the Discord server!

A:  Don’t worry- you can mute certain channels or even the entire server by right-clicking/selecting what you want to mute. Can’t keep up with everything? You don’t have to- the #Updates and #Resources channels will always have everything you need to know.

Q: What is Da Warpath?

A: Da Warpath is our prelude period where players can plan their projects and organizers can prepare their events.

Q: Is Animosity free to play?

A: Yes, absolutely! Although we’re aware individual organizers may need to cover venue costs, Animosity Campaigns itself will always be free to participate in.

Q: Are Animosity Campaigns canon?

A: Oh, absolutely not. We are completely unofficial and unsupported in any way.

Although the Animosity team attempts to adhere to canon as closely as possible, our campaigns are comprised of both official canon and our own fan-fiction. We highly recommend exploring Games Workshop’s official supplements and Black Library novels, as we’ve already read most of them ourselves.

Q: Do I need to sign up ahead of time, or can I just start submitting reports when things get started?

A: You will need to register for a Coalition in our Discord, yes. Reports submitted without a registered Discord username will be discarded. Registration opens July 1st and players may register at any time during the campaign.

Q: Can I make more than one report per each campaign turn?

A: There are five Report types. Players may submit ONE report of EACH TYPE, up to a MAXIMUM of THREE reports per turn.

Q: I play (insert Battletome here). Which Coalition should I join?

A: Any faction may join any Coalition, regardless of Grand Alliance. Our Coalitions are designed to appeal to many different ideologies, tropes, and themes so that anyone can find a good fit for their army.

Q: How do I win an Animosity Campaign?

A: Each Coalition will be given Primary and Secondary (Exploration) objectives by their Figurehead. The more successful you are at accomplishing these objectives, the “better” you will do in the campaign. There are also a number of MVP awards individual players may achieve during the campaign.

Q: When I submit a Report, does it get scored for its quality and does that help me score more points for my coalition?

A: No. A Report is a Report is a Report.

Q: Do I need to have read all the Age of Sigmar lore and Black Library books, to get all the background details right?

A: Goodness, no. While it helps to have an understanding of how the Mortal Realms work, especially if you want to write, it is certainly not required. DO NOT let it intimidate you: accessibility is an important aspect of Age of Sigmar, and the Mortal Realms are a big and wacky place. Many unusual things can be found there, and your imagination will more than likely add, rather than detract, to the richness of it.

Q: When you say a home game, does this mean actual physical games against an opponent? Shouldn’t I be social distancing due to COVID-19 pandemic?

A: The Animosity Team highly recommends keeping home games between members of your household, or playing remotely via a webcam. Alternatively, games can be played via online platforms like Tabletop Simulator.

Q: Can I use Unique characters in my army / narrative?

A: Animosity Campaigns exists to tell the story of Your Dudes. As such, some characters are simply too important or too powerful to appear in our lore. Listed below are those Unique Characters we ask that you do not use in any way- in your narrative, in your hobby reports, or even in your tabletop games on TTS or in person as a “proxy” for your player character.

Celestant-Prime, Bastian Carthalos, Aventis Firestrike, Lord Kroak, Alarielle the Everqueen, Morathi-Khaine, High King Volturnos, Teclis & Celennar, Lyrior Uthralle, Brokk Grunggson, Runefather Bael-Grimnir, Gotrek Gurnisson, Archaon Everchosen, The Glottkin, Glutos Orscollion, Sigvald the Magnificent, Thanquol and Boneripper, Be’Lakor, Nagash, Katakros, Arkhan the Black, Neferata, Mannfred von Carstein, Lady Olynder, Gordrakk, Skragrott the Loonking, Kragnos

You are still welcome to include Unique Characters not listed here, but they may never be your player character or your General. 

All Reports including any of these characters will be discarded and will not count toward scoring of any type.

Q: What about (Unique character)?

A: If they’re not on the list, they’re not on the list.

Q: May I use the Anvil of Apotheosis to create my character?

A: Absolutely, that’s what it’s there for! And while you’re at it, check out the custom name generators from Realm of Plastic!

Q: When I submit a Report, how far can I go with my creativity?

A: You may attempt to do whatever you want, but that does not mean it will be reflected in the Unfolding Narrative. Warboss Kurgan has a saying: “everything is canon, but not everything is true.” Just because we didn’t include your story in the Unfolding doesn’t mean it didn’t happen, but it does mean we do not recognize it for the purposes of telling the campaign’s story.

Q: Even though each type of report can only be submitted once, can we still participate or submit extra things for the same category to further push multiple narratives without getting any type of campaign credit?

A: No. We’re a small, volunteer team, and Animosity III saw us processing 300+ reports every turn. Please limit your submissions to valid Reports only.

IV The Bleeding Wilds