Gaming Resources

Use these gaming resources to battle by yourself or safely during Animosity II, to help you build your Soulbound gaming sessions, and to bring the atmosphere of Lake Bykaal to life (or undeath, if you prefer).

Age of Sigmar

Single player rules 

Solo Monster Behaviour rules

  • Trophy Kill – Skirmish but also good for regular AoS battles
  • Roaming Monsters (Wrath of the Everchosen)

Rules for Bykaal, Shyish

  • Shyish Realm of Battle rules (Age of Sigmar Core book, pg.254) or (Malign Portents, pg.48)
  • TIME OF WAR: The Jotunberg Vortex (Realmgate Wars – The Balance of Power, pg.31)
  • Darkest Depths: underground rules (Age of Sigmar Core book, pg.298)

Suggested Battleplans:

  • On Thin Ice (Realmgate Wars – The Balance of Power, pg.28)
  • The Well of Souls – Skirmish (Malign Portents, pg.61)

Campaigns in Shyish


Single player rules 

2+ Tough’s “The Lonesome Road”

Suggested campaigns and battles (adapt to Lake Bykaal as appropriate):

  • Challenge Battles (Monsters and Mercenaries, pg.34)
  • Challenge Battles (Tome of Champions, pg.68)
  • Fated Quests – adapt background story as needed (Tome of Champions, pg.48)

Soulbound Age of Sigmar Roleplay

Get your players to Lake Bykaal quickly and easy! Story hooks, descriptions and Coalition motivations.

Campaign Collaboration

  • Join the Animosity Discord and register to join the Coalition of your choice to talk with your allies in confidence!