Gaming Resources

Use these gaming resources during Animosity III to battle by yourself or within your pandemic bubble, to help you build your Soulbound gaming sessions and to bring the atmosphere of the Prime Dominion to life.

We also have newspaper templates and generators for you to engage in the politics of the Iscarneth Ceraphate, and backdrop illustrations you can download to use with your models.

THE GREAT WEAVE Lore Repository & Collaborative Platform


WARCRY Resources

SOULBOUND Animosity Guide

NEWSPAPER Templates & Generators


The Great Weave records the events of Animosity Campaigns as part of their collaborative framework, and many players’ characters are listed there, with their stories going forward year after year.

Single Player Rules

Solo Monster Behaviour rules:

Rules for games set in the Prime Dominion, Hysh:

  • Prime Dominion Realm of Battle rules 
  • Darkest Depths: Underground rules to use for Lux Umbra, the underside of the Dominion (Age of Sigmar 2.0 Core book, pg.298)
  • Naval Battles Supplement (“Soulless Seas” by NEO Duncan Hall): A dedicated campaign supplement with ship statistics, upgrades and more!
  • Airship Warscrolls (from the NOVA Open Grand Narrative 2018): Kharadron are not the only ones to have airships! Add these Warscrolls to your army, to navigate the air currents and shimmering seas of light around the Prime Dominion.
  • Allegiance Abilities – Iscarneth Ceraphate: If you wish to field an army from the aelven residents of the Prime Dominion, or use magical artefacts wielded by these survivors. Bring all those classic High Elf and Wood Elf models back to the battlefield, together with the Vanari Lumineth units.

Single player rules

Rules for the Prime Dominion, Hysh

  • Forlorn Hope Mini Campaign: It features an aftermath phase where warriors are exposed to the dangerous energies of the Perimeter Inimical of Haixiah, as well as a battleplan in this treacherous region. Includes also full Warcry cards for all new Lumineth units.

Suggested Campaigns & Battles 

You can adapt several of these to the Prime Dominion as appropriate, simply by changing the nature of the enemies and the environment of the Eightpoints into that of Hysh’s edge (which is very dangerous in its own way). You can even try to re-allocate the map points of a Quest to locations on the Prime Dominion. The quests that take place in Carngrad, full of political assassinations, can easily be converted to take place in the cities of the Dominion.

Running Soulbound sessions within the Animosity campaign can be done easily, either by taking a party of Heroes who stick together to accomplish their missions, or disparate groups of Heroes who come together for individual missions each campaign turn.

Find our comprehensive Soulbound guide here

Newspaper Templates and Generators

To help players engage in the politics of the Prime Dominion, and promote some fun banter on social media, we have a number of powerpoint templates and “newspaper” generators for players to make their own Coalition propaganda.

Powerpoint Templates: This file is full of backgrounds, fonts, and vintage design elements for you to make your own newspaper or advertising flyer pages. Simply organize them in Powerpoint, and once you are done, select all the objects, right-click and select “Save as Picture” (use PNG for best quality results).

Newspaper Clipping Generator: For those very quick “Headline-and-text” shares, the easiest to use.

Newspaper Meme Generator: A very easy-to-use generator, you can add your own image and create new text boxes easily (as well as several meme resources). Feel free to use this background image below as a template, or use one you made yourself.

PosterMyWall Newspaper Generator: If you really want to design the whole newspaper frontpage from scratch, but don’t enjoy powerpoint. This website has all you need, and you can upload your own images too.

Backdrop Illustrations for the Prime Dominion

You can print these out, on a paper sheet or as a poster, to use as photo backdrops for your models submitted during Animosity III.