How To Participate

#AnimosityII is designed to be accessible to anyone, anywhere, at any time during the campaign. This means your regular gaming group in their normal gathering place are more than welcome to participate! We simply request at least one Narrative Event Organizer, or NEO, per group as a point of contact.

Da Bare Bonez

ANIMOSITY II РTHE BURNING WINTER is scheduled for Friday, June 5th through Sunday, June 14th. Ten days from start to finish, the campaign is comprised of five two-day turns.

At the start of each turn, Team Animosity will post an UNFOLDING NARRATIVE to our blog, weaving the results from your games into a single ongoing storyline.

How To Participate as a Player

First, find your local NEO! If you already have, then as a player, all you need to do is confer with your NEO after each game and provide them with…

  1. Your faction (Stormcast Eternals, Ossiarch Bonereapers, etc.)
  2. Your battle result (Major Victory, Victory, Loss, Draw)
  3. Your NARRATIVE PATH (explained below)

In #AnimosityII, your army is fighting to advance the agenda of a non-player character we call a FIGUREHEAD. These dramatis personae have promised you something in return for your fealty; glory, riches, lands, favors, and so on. Although your reasons are your own, you still fight for their cause… and to halt the ambitions of the other figureheads.

During each turn’s unfolding narrative, your figurehead will be faced with story options we call narrative paths. There are no wrong choices, but YOU must choose for yourself which narrative path you want your army to pursue.

Additionally, you may also include…

  • Your army’s name / narrative (optional)
  • Your general’s name / narrative (optional)
  • Narrative highlights from the battle (optional)

Team Animosity literally writes each turn’s unfolding narrative based upon these details from your tabletop games, so please, send them along!

No opponent? No problem. In lieu of games played, we also accept short stories and hobby works-in-progress. To submit narrative or hobby reports, we ask players to register as their own NEO, below.

More information about #AnimosityII will be revealed soon.

How To Participate as a Narrative Event Organizer

Anybody can become an Animosity NEO; our campaigns are designed for as many players as can fill a convention hall, and for as few players as two friends throwing down on a weekday night after work.

As a NEO, you are responsible for submitting your battle reports during the campaign using the Report! page. Each battle report is a simple Google form indicating the player’s faction and which narrative path they have chosen to pursue. Team Animosity then determines each turn’s outcome by importing this data into our game engine.

Because every single battle report directly impacts the unfolding narrative, no level of participation is too small. Although we provide a basic event pack, Team Animosity wants you to play the way YOU want to play. Tournaments, club nights, casual gaming, and even games of Warcry are all welcome.

NEO registration for #AnimosityII will begin soon.