How To Participate

Animosity II – The Burning Winter is designed to be accessible to anyone, anywhere, at any time during the campaign. There are many ways to take part in the campaign, allowing players socially distancing to still get involved.

Da Bare Bonez

DA WARPATH – Beginning July 4th, this two-week prelude event provides players with an opportunity to become familiar with our narrative and mechanics, as well as begin preparing any hobby projects they may wish to submit as reports during the campaign. Players are invited to send us their narrative, join our Discord, and share their armies on social media with the #DaWarpath and #AnimosityII hashtags.

ANIMOSITY II – Beginning July 22nd, The Burning Winter will run for five weeks from start to finish, with each week corresponding to a campaign turn. Before the start of each turn, Team Animosity will update the Unfolding Narrative, weaving the results of your Reports into a single ongoing story arc. This can include the daring feats of your generals, bloody battle sequences, and dramatic exchanges between characters.

How do I participate?

Using the “Submit Report” page, players may choose to submit one report of each type per turn:

  • Gaming – Conventional, remote, or single-player games of Age of Sigmar, Warcry, and Soulbound. Any format is welcome, including Skirmish and Path to Glory. Please play with others safely & responsibly during this pandemic.
  • Hobby – Painting, modeling, and scenery. Conversions and scratch-building encouraged. If submitting a WIP, please provide before and after photos.
  • Writing – Short stories between 500-2000 words. We ask that individual submissions stay below 3000 words.
  • Storytelling – Photos of staged battlefields and character duels, dioramas, video battle reports, recorded spoken word, etc.
  • Arts & Crafts – Sketches and illustrations, cosplay, etc. Let your imagination run wild!

How do I engage with the Unfolding Narrative?

In Animosity II, your army will join a Coalition fighting to advance the agenda of a non-player character we call a Figurehead. In return for your fealty, these dramatis personae have promised you something- glory, riches, lands, favors, etc. Why exactly you fight for your Figurehead is your story to tell.

At the beginning of each turn, Coalitions will be faced with a number of story options we call Narrative Paths. Each Narrative Path is opposed by an enemy Coalition, meaning you’ll always be in a tug-of-war with other actual players. Narrative Paths are essentially story devices, and could involve anything from fighting over a specific location, to claiming a magical artifact, to hunting down (or protecting) a Figurehead. Each turn’s Narrative Paths are written based on the previous turn’s results, giving players the power to determine the course of the war in real time.

Team Animosity writes each turn’s Unfolding Narrative based entirely on player contribution. This allows us to write your characters and narratives from all over the world into a single coherent storyline. Because of this, no matter what type of Report you submit, we ask that players theme their Reports around the campaign setting and the coalition they’re fighting for. We cannot reference things which have nothing to do with our narrative, for obvious reasons.

What do I get for participating?

Although we’re still exploring options for prize support, Team Animosity will recognize the following achievements at the end of the campaign. (Keep in mind, this is completely detached from the Unfolding Narrative campaign mechanics, and are simply MVP awards.)

Lord of War – The player who submitted the most Reports
True Friend and Ally – The player who did the most to support a single Figurehead/Coalition
Peerless General – The player considered most valuable by peer nominations
Youngblood – The player who did the most as a first-time participant
NEO of Note – The player who did the most community rabble-rousing

Master and Commander – Favorite Gaming Reports
Master Builder – Favorite Hobby Reports (conversion)
Master Painter  – Favorite Hobby Reports (painted unit)
Master Craftsman – Favorite Hobby Reports (scenery)
Master Wordsmith – Favorite Written Narrative
Master Storyteller – Favorite Storytelling Reports
Master Interpreter – Favorite Arts & Crafts Reports
Master of Turnips – Favorite meal prep

The Sir Cai Leonas Award – The player with the most daring and ambitious narrative (Audacity!)
The Tarlen da Foeburna Award – The player with the most creative problem-solving in their narrative
The Unbrok Stonebeard Award – The player who suffered the worst setbacks (but kept on going anyway)