How To Play

Knowing which end of a sword to stick ’em with is mighty important, and so is knowing how to take part in our campaigns. Here we go.

Participating as a player

Animosity I is a worldwide map campaign played over three days (5/21 – 6/2). Like a huge game of Risk, the results of battles fought on these days will be aggregated by the campaign team and used to determine which locations have been captured, held, or lost. Each morning, Animosity will publish an update to our blog outlining these victories and defeats.

To begin with, players must join one of six coalitions, each of which is led by an NPC called a figurehead.  You can learn more about the story so far, the coalitions, the figureheads, and the campaign map on the Time of War and Realm of Battle pages.

Joining a coalition gives you access to unique allegiance abilities, traits, artefacts, and a mechanic we call “desperate measures”. Desperate Measures are risky gambits you will use in your tabletop games.

Capturing locations on the map yields “spoils”, which players will use to unlock these traits, artefacts, and desperate measures. During the campaign, will be able to add as many traits and artefacts to your army as you have spoils to spend on them. Each location is worth a pre-determined number of spoils depending on whether or not your coalition successfully captured or defended it.

Our morning blog updates will inform you as to how many Spoils each coalition has access to that day.

As a player, you will be expected to play against opponents who are also participating in the campaign. You and your opponent will employ custom, event-specific Battleplans (coming April 19th!). After the game, you and your opponent will submit your results (major/minor victory/loss) to your NEO, and let them know where your battle took place on the campaign map. Your NEO will forward these results to us so we can crunch the numbers and generate the turn results.

If you do not expect to be able to play during the campaign weekend, don’t worry! You have the option of registering as a NEO for yourself, and submitting narrative or hobby reports. Here’s how it works:

If you wish to submit a narrative report, we’ll post a list of keyword prompts with that day’s update. You will be asked to incorporate at least some of these into a short story of no more than 1,000 words, establishing that your narrative report was written during that campaign day.

If you wish to submit a hobby report, we plan to publish a specific keyword in our daily updates. You will be asked to submit before and after photos with this keyword written down next to your project, establishing that your hobby report was built/painted during that campaign day.

The campaign team will grade your narrative and hobby reports based on creativity and effort. They will be assigned a major/minor win/loss value, and entered into our campaign engine like a normal battle report.

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Participating as a Narrative Event Organizer

Animosity I is meant to be played by any number of players, in any location, at any time during the campaign weekend. Your regular gaming group in their normal gathering place are more than welcome to participate. We simply request at least one NEO per group as a point of contact and to ensure the campaign format is followed.

As your group’s NEO, you will be responsible for correctly submitting your player’s battle reports during the campaign weekend using the Report! tab on the main menu, above. After registering to be an Animosity NEO, you will receive a simple, unique verification code to use when you submit a battle report. This is meant to guarantee only registered NEOs and their groups will be able to impact the campaign results.

Finally, NEOs will be required to submit their group’s battle reports by 11pm EST each day so that we have time to generate the update. Reports submitted after this cut-off will count toward the next day.

The campaign team is committed to helping you run the best event possible for your players. As the various packs go live, we encourage you to use our content to “rabble-rouse” among your local community. As we get closer to launch, it’s in your hands to bring our original lore, map, characters, campaign mechanics, and Battleplans to your group. We simply set the stage and provide the props; it’s up to you to tell the story.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time with questions or comments. NEO Alex will be online to provide event support during the campaign weekend itself, and our friends at the Narrative Event Organizer Network have put together a helpful “How To NEO” toolbox here.

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