Submit Your Reports

Determine the outcome of Animosity II by submitting gaming, hobby, and narrative reports. Player contributions will lead to victory or defeat for their figurehead, and the  consequences of your actions shall echo down through every Animosity Campaign to come.


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Turn 5 Ends Tuesday, August 25th @ 11:59pm EST.
Campaign Epilogue drops Saturday, August 29th at 12:01am EST.

Reports are submitted via Google Forms. You will be asked to provide an email address; this information will not be shared and will be erased at the end of the campaign. If you have any trouble submitting your report, please reach out to us directly at or contact Nuno M. via direct message on Discord.

Report requirements (updated 7/23/20)

Players may only submit one report of each type per turn.

  1. Your email contact (for tracking participation, and contact for prizes).
  2. Your Name and/or Discord server nickname.
  3. Your Coalition (The Expedition, The Undivided, etc).
  4. Your NARRATIVE PATH decision (choose one of three options).
  5. Your army or warband’s name.
  6. The name of the general or main character in your Report.
  7. 1-3 sentence narrative summary/highlights of how your Report in this turn ties into the grander story, and what your character(s) are doing as part of the submission. (max 600 characters.
  8. For download links, dropbox, google drive, etc. are all fine so long as permissions allow us to view it.
  9. Submissions:

– For Play Reports, we accept (safe, tabletop simulator, remote play or single-player) games of Age of Sigmar or Warcry, in whatever size and format you prefer. You can also submit the resolution of your Soulbound RPG session here if you are the Games Master. If you wish, you can include a link to pictures of your game, but this is optional.

– For Hobby Reports, we accept model painting, model conversions, modelled/painted scenery, or other types of miniature modelling. You must include a link to a social media post (or download link) of your pictures.

– For Storytelling Reports, we accept scenic photography* of set-up battle scenes such as action shots and character duels, dioramas, narrative video recordings, spoken audio drama, or similar forms of telling a story through media. You must include a link to a social media post (or download link) of your images/media.
Bear in mind that Battle Photography should consist of close-ups and action shots, telling a story in the images (not simply any old snap of your game!), so we can use them in our storytelling.

– For Writing Reports, we accept short stories of action, drama and tragedy (comedy?), detailing the adventures your character(s)*. Each story should be between 500-3000 words. You must include a link to a social media post (or download link) to your story; alternatively you can email it to Team Animosity (email is in the Form).
stories can include the events unfolding in another Report, such as a game you played, model you hobbied, or a drawing of a character. But told by including more details and drama, with more backstory, etc.

– For Arts & Crafts Reports, we accept artwork in the form of drawings and paintings, or similar non-miniature model art, recorded songs or original lyrics, as well as cosplay costumes. You must include a link to a social media post (or download link) containing images/files of your art.

Thank you!