The Celandec

Led by Renaya Oathsworn, the Celandec are the most embittered of all the Satrapies. A hard people well-acquainted with even worse hardship, they are formed from the broken dregs of Lumineth society, cast adrift by the Spirefall. Looked down upon by the other Satrapies, they shelter unwanted refugees from across the realms and plan for the day they will take back what should rightfully be theirs.

While any army can join any Coalition for any reason, the Celandec favor allies who know the struggle of the downtrodden, and whom have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Satrapy of Dreams

Life is harder for the Celandec than for the people of any other Satrapy. They exist on the margins of the Prime Dominion, scratching out an existence on whatever unforgiving lands have been left to them. Where other Satrapies claim a single origin stretching back to the Age of Myth, the Celandec are the stitched-together remnants of a hundred disparate peoples. The culture they have forged is the most unique within the Prime Dominion, yet it has also been their greatest challenge. The Celandec’s neighbors look upon them with barely contained disgust for having abandoned their heritage. In their eyes, the Celandec little more than feral dogs, barely fit to rule over themselves much less any other. 

The most recent humiliation came as a result of the “Usurper’s War” little more than a century ago, when the Idrelec, Teclandec and Ruyalar marched against the Celandec and wrested away more than half their lands. Fought on a pretext that the Celandec’s satrap had secretly been replaced, it was little more than an excuse to strip yet more away from the already poor Celandec. This and a thousand other slights have left the Satrapy withdrawn and insular, and yet they carry a burning hope in their chests. Some day, a day they believe is soon, the tide will turn in their favor. 

Satrap Renaya Oathsworn

If there is an aristocracy among the Celandec, it is a shattered one. In the calamity of the Spirefall, the strata of social classes was blasted away until all that remained were displaced, desperate aelves. It was in this treacherous crucible that Renaya Oathsworn was forged, a born leader who, as her moniker implies, possesses unflinching loyalty to the broken folk of the Celandec. Although fractious in their own right, there are none among the Satrapy who do not offer Renaya their deference and respect.

This stands in stark contrast to the stories told about the events which preceded the “Usurper’s War” more than a century ago. The rumors took Iscarion by storm, claiming that Renaya Oathsworn had been assassinated by a jealous clone-twin and the murderous imposter, Feyana “the False”, now sat upon her throne. Wholly disregarding the Celandec’s denials of the coup, “liberating” the Celandec from Feyana’s alleged rule was justification enough for the other Satrapies to wage a war of annexation. Although her people fought with their trademark tenacity, the outcome was never truly in doubt and the Celandec were forced to sue for peace if they were to preserve any autonomy.

Regardless of the facts, the truth is that an aelf calling herself Renaya Oathsworn still rules over what remains of the Celandec. While her people still revere her and her governance has not faltered, the other Satraps all believe an undeserving imposter sits among them, a mockery of everything they’ve built. Renaya knows her adversaries will seize any opportunity to destroy her- but centuries of hardship have made her a canny diplomat and cunning warrior.

Equerry Akredregos the Composite Multitude, Mortisan Soulmason

Countless devout souls were interred within the hallowed necropolis of Amasya, pilgrims all seeking to be with their gods for eternity. It is these faithful that have been remade into the Hallowed Supplicants by the Mortisan Soulmason they name the Composite Multitude. Akredregos began as a single soul, and as a test of its ability, it was tasked with bettering itself by alloying only the greatest parts of these other souls unto itself. In this way, Akredregos is not a single entity, but a construct created by its own hand. Tasked by Arkhan the Black to bring new tithing grounds into the fold, Akredregos and its Hallowed Supplicants have found a keen ally in Renaya Oathsworn, and intend to reap a mighty tribute indeed from the Celandec’s rivals.