The Horde of Rot and Rage

The Horde of Rot and Rage fights to cast down the false idols of Sigmar’s upstart pantheon, and sanctify Amasya in the eyes of Grandfather and the Blood God. To this end, your figurehead Qarang Sarn demands that you capture Teselli Alari as your primary objective, with Azyrhol and Yol Grimnir as secondary objectives. 
(Check the Realm of Battle page for the campaign map, coming April 19th!)


The following factions must join the Horde of Rot and Rage for the duration of the campaign:

  • Blades of Khorne
  • Maggotkin of Nurgle

The following factions can choose to join this coalition for the duration of the campaign:

  • Skaventide
  • Beasts of Chaos
  • Slaves to Darkness
  • Everchosen
  • Fist of the Everchosen
  • Mixed CHAOS

Allegiance Abilities

Fighting for the Horde of Rot and Rage, you can expect your coalition-specific traits and artefacts to key off being charged, with your Desperate Measures based on surviving damage. (Check back April 19th for more information!)


By decree of the Lady of Cankerwall, the Order of the Fly marches to join Qarang Sarn’s horde.

The Basalt Lord Qarang Sarn is a warrior-orator, a bastion of belief in the Dark Gods, a man who sows the fields with corpses and waters them with the blood of friend and foe. He was- perhaps literally- born to become a Varanguard, and his faith in Archaon Everchosen is absolute. His was a life of bloodshed and unspeakable acts, the grace of the Gods given form. The only wound to his pride, then, is that he does not ride among the First Circle, or even the unknowable Eighth.

Instead, his place has always been among the Fourth Circle, the Reavers of Chaos, and to them, Qarang Sarn is an exemplar. He does not simply slay his foes, but utterly vanquish them with blade and rhetoric. His moniker “The Basalt Lord” does not refer to some mighty fortress or subjugated domain, but speaks to the Varanguard’s force of personality, for his word and will are as stone.

Among the Bloodbound, the Basalt Lord is thought to cull the weak in the role of the Slaughterpriest, and forge the strong in the role of the Skullgrinder. To the Maggotkin, Qarang Sarn is a jolly father-figure, a son who sits upon grandfather’s knee and urges them to greater acts of service. Even the more warlike of the Chaos ratmen are fond of the Varanguard, as he is not duplicitous- and assurances are rare in Skaven culture.

It should come as no surprise, then, that Qarang Sarn has never cared for Irkut the Spineless. Where the Reavers of Chaos extoll honorable conquest, the Scions of Darkness wear false intentions like a shroud. It was the Basalt Lord’s warrior spirit which demanded the right to bring Waaagh! Wapkagut to heel, and his mistake to believe Irkut would place service to the Everchosen above petty backstabbing.

It was this betrayal which led Qarang Sarn to abandon his task- to bind the scattered warbands of Chaos by way of the Varanpact- and choose instead to lead the righteous warriors of Grandfather Nurgle, the Blood God and anyone else who would follow him in casting down Amasya, foiling the schemes of Irkut and all others. In its ruin, he will raise up a shrine of skulls in a garden of plague and rot, watered with the blood of friend and foe. This is his oath, and it is as stone.