The Idrelec

Led by Atressa Redhand, the Idrelec are the most warlike of all the Satrapies. A harsh meritocracy where only skill secures advancement, they trace their heritage to the Tyrionic hemisphere of Hysh. The Idrelec believe they live or die by their strength at arms, and will never back down from a fight … or a slight.

While any army can join any Coalition for any reason, the Idrelec favor allies who are strong, bold, believe that might makes right, and won’t hesitate to spill blood to achieve their ambitions.

Satrapy of Valour

A warrior culture first and foremost, the Idrelec learn to use a sword before even reading and writing. The Satrapy of Valour has caused or taken part in every martial conflict in the Prime Dominion since the founding of Iscarion.  The Idrelec believe they survived the Spirefall by their strength at arms, and actively seek out further conflict for fear that only victory can truly defeat them. Whilst near constant battle has kept their numbers low – only the Celandec are less numerous, and even that is a recent development – none are eager to provoke the Idrelec’s wrath, and even that is not an easy task.

The Idrelec are unusually welcoming of outsiders- so long as those outsiders are good in a fight. The Idrelec have particularly good relations with the greenskin races – much to the disparagement of the other Satraps – in large part because the Idrelec and orruks will gladly pit their greatest fighters against one another in bloodsport with no hard feelings upon the outcome. They believe as strongly in survival of the fittest as they do in their own place as apex warriors.

Satrap Atressa Redhand

Atressa has held a blade since before she could walk. In the years before the Spirefall, she learned swordcraft not from old masters in meditative courts, but by walking the Ten Paradises and challenging those claiming great skill to duels of honor. When the Spirefall came, slaying other aelves was hardly a novelty to Atressa. Those of like mind soon fought beside her, and in their exodus, it was the Idrelec who bore the brunt of the combat, allowing Eresiel’s people not only to survive, but to flourish. It is a debt Atressa feels the other Satraps have never repaid. 

To stand beside Atressa is nearly as dangerous as to stand against her; a lifetime of war has made peace not only unfamiliar, but indeed, unwelcome. The Idrelec’s victories after the Spirefall, alongside her triumphs in nearly every battle she’s ever fought, has granted Atressa unquestioning loyalty from her people, born from equal parts devotion and terror. Challenging her orders is not only disobedience, it is disloyalty, and must be dealt with justly. Any warrior who can survive longer than a season in her confidence must not only be an accomplished fighter, but a cunning diplomat as well.

Atressa, and with her all the Idrelec, carry enough vendettas against the other Satrapies to make a Runefather blush. For the rest of the Satraps, diplomacy and warfare are matters of principle and advancement. For Atressa, they are mechanisms by which slights of pride and honor are satisfied a hundredfold, and none have impinged upon her worse than Caradryas Lightbringer. In the scandal of a century, the Satrap of Innovation seduced Atressa’s wife Vashti away from her – and ignited a feud that will only be settled with the humiliation of the Ruyalar and their debasement at the feet of the Idrelec.

Equerry Eris Bloodwrath, Lord of Khorne on Juggernaut

A child of the Century of Blood, Eris began her life as a squire, sister and then Grandmaster of the Brides of the Stag, an order of maiden-knights from Ghyran. Those years mean little to her now, though, since the coming of Qarang Sarn, Varanguard of the Sixth Circle. The Basalt Lord slaughtered her sisters, but saw a spark of potential in Eris herself. In his service she became what she once hated: a bloody-handed servant of the Skull Throne, killing as easily as breathing. Foreseeing great bloodshed in the Prime Dominion, Sarn has granted Eris patronage as his protege and tasked her with securing a place of ascendency in the coming carnage. Always accompanied by the spawn of two former Varanguard as a reminder of failure’s price, Eris must learn to wield diplomacy as skillfully as she does her blade.