The Mortal Realms

Eight pockets of creation amidst the void, each of the Mortal Realms is a separate plane of existence. Every Realm is shaped by a wind of magic, and often ruled by a deity who long ago stood in Sigmar’s pantheon. Like a map without edges, the Mortal Realms are endless. Distance can only be measured from a place, and passage between Realms- or even across a single Realm- is possible only by Realmgates, arcane edifices of ancient origin. Whole continents and entire worlds dot the firmament, all of them mighty domains worth fighting for.


  • Azyrthe Realm of Heavens
  • Hysh, the Realm of Light
  • Ulgu, the Realm of Shadow
  • Ghyran, the Realm of Life
  • Shyish, the Realm of Death
  • Aqshy, the Realm of Fire
  • Ghur, the Realm of Beasts
  • Chamon, the Realm of Metal



“The Realm of Heavens glitters like a swirl of celestial jewels, its palaces and spires glowing from within. Here, mighty Sigmar holds sovereignty.”

  • Sigendil, the High Star. Set above even Sigmaron, it can be seen from every Realm.
  • Sigmaron, palace-city of Sigmar, where Stormcast Eternals are reforged upon the Anvil of Apotheosis and Stormhosts muster among its great halls. Deep within Sigmaron are the Forbidden Vaults, which the Stormcasts have sworn never to look upon.
  • The Sigmarabulum, a great ring constructed around Mallus, the metal core of the World-That-Was. Here, Sigmarite is mined and forged into the wargear of the Stormcast Eternals by the duardin demi-gods known as the Six Smiths.
  • Azyrheim, the Eternal City, was founded in the shadow of Mallus during the earliest days of the Age of Myth. The beating heart of Sigmar’s domain, Azyrheim’s walls reach from one horizon to the other, stretching across both space and time, for the years pass more slowly in some districts than others. From above, the city might resemble some vast mechanism- and orrery of innumerable parts, rotating so slowly and ponderously that those who live within cannot perceive it. In some places, the sun shines forever; in others, the only light is that of Mallus. Known also as the City of the Lost, Azyrheim would become an adopted home for innumerable refugees of all races exiled during the Age of Chaos.
  • The Grand Conclave. Appointed by Sigmar himself, the two-hundred and forty-four Lords of Heavenhall serve Azyrheim in the name of Order, setting aside personal agendas in their duty to unify and protect. Chosen from man, duardin and aelf alike for their personal strength and integrity, Heavenhall’s authority crosses district, race, and religion.
  • Mount Celestian, Azyr’s greatest peak and the place of Highheim, a long-abandoned temple-city built by Sigmar upon the plateu left behind when the God-King smashed the mountain’s peak away. Here stand deserted palaces dedicated to each of Sigmar’s pantheon, and between them, a court of empty thrones fit for gods.




“Once the domain of reason and symmetry, there is still purity within the Realm of Light. The very lands themselves are rife with symbolism and hidden meaning.”

  • Drifting above an endless sea, the Transient Isles are colossal islands of black stone held aloft by primordial magic. Long ago, this frontier colony of aelven civilization came under attack by a chaos sorcerer, who used a shard of corrupted realmstone to disrupt the magic binding the Isles above the water. Although the sorcerer was slain, the Eldritch Council could not destroy the Stone of Falling Skies, and chose instead to seal it within the Dawnspire. Here, it would one day be sought by the Skaven warlord Ripsnikk, who used a gnawhole to besiege the isle directly. His horde was met in battle by High Warden Ilnarion of the Swifthawk Agents and Archmage Eldorel of the Eldritch Council.
  • The glimmering peaks of Lunarest, home to the Thungur fyreslayer lodge. From their impossibly high skyhold, these duardin carve vast crystal lenses from the diamond-faced mountains, which they use to fuel their forges with caged moonlight.




“Thirteen regions, each a place of secrets and riddles whispered upon the breeze. All the shrouded countries of the Realm of Shadows are saturated with illusion and lurking menace.”




“From barren to abundant, the Realm of Life is forever in cycle. When in bloom, there are no lands more verdant or bountiful. All but conquered by Grandfather Nurgle, Alarielle the Everqueen reigns over her reclaimed domain once more.”

  • The Genesis Gate
  • The Living City was founded by Alarielle herself amidst the rebirth of the rotting Hollow Forest. Having routed the skaven who desolated this immense woodland, the Everqueen raised up a mighty fastness of entwined bedrock and ironoak, its fortifications fashioned from seams of song-forged metal and thorn-studded vines. In her wisdom, the Everqueen knew her own children to be too wild to ever garrison such a place, and instead offered it to her mortal allies. Those who accepted have become wardens of the Living City and the forest it defends.
  • Phoenicium
  • Greywater Fastness
  • Hammerhal Ghyra, the Twin-Tailed City.
  • The Everliving Keep, carved from the roots of a Ghyran oak, has been the site of an unending stalemate between a Sylvaneth wargrove and a Fyreslayer lodge unwilling to break their oath yet unable to defeat the keep’s perpetually renewed defenders.
  • The Oak of Ages Past




“Dominion of Nagash, place of endings and silent decay, where all is in decline. No land is more haunted than the Realm of Death, for all gates to the Underworlds can be found here.”

  • Shadespire




“Long has Sigmar fought mighty Khorne for domination of the Realm of Fire. A place of fury and volatile landscapes, aggression is born and carried afar upon hot, gusting winds.”




“Primeval lands of untamed savagery, only the strongest can hope to survive in the Realm of Beasts. Not even the Ruinous Powers can truly prize this place away from the brutal two-headed god Gorkamorka.”

  • Excelcis
  • The Skyrealm, one of the Twelve Wonders of Ghur. Connected by numerous skybridges, these floating isles have borne witness to a fierce war of attrition between Sigmar’s stormhosts and Nurgle’s daemons.




“Dawn breaks cold over the hard and unyielding Realm of Metal. Favored by the duardin and disciples of Tzeentch alike, strange transmutations abound amidst its vast mountain ranges.”

  • The Mercurial Gate
  • The Hanging Valleys of Anvrok, and Elixia, the shattered city.
  • Mount Kronus