The Reclamation

The Reclamation fights to restore the exiled and rightful ruler of Amasya, and rebuild the hallowed necropolis as a place of devout worship to the gods of death and shadow. To this end, your figurehead Mithridates Alti has decreed that you capture Rahipmezar as your primary objective, with Nagaskahip and Azyrhol as secondary objectives. 


The following factions must join the Reclamation for the duration of the campaign:

  • Legions of Nagash
  • Nighthaunt
  • Daughters of Khaine
  • Mixed DEATH

The following factions can choose to join this coalition for the duration of the campaign:

  • Flesh-Eater Courts
  • Kharadron Overlords
  • Fyreslayers

Allegiance Abilities

Fighting for the Reclamation, you can expect your coalition-specific traits and artefacts to key off objective control, and likewise with your Desperate Measure.


Tens of thousands are buried in Nagaskahip, the sacred tombs carved into the cliffs above Amasya. Many a necromancer has bartered away their soul to Nagash for a lesser opportunity.

In life, Mithridates Alti was born the son of Mithridates Besh, and upon granting his mortally wounded father’s last wish- to be buried alive in the crypts of Rahipmezar-, he was ordained Basrahip, ruler of Amasya in faith and in war. Raised during the dawn of the Age of Chaos, Mithridates Alti spent his youth fighting servants and daemons of the Dark Gods in his father’s many crusades, and was an able commander and warrior when he assumed his father’s mantle.

It insulted him then, when the Sigmarite priesthoods of his city counseled they abandon Amasya, lest the ruinous powers should discover the hallowed necropolis and cast it down as they had done all others. He raged against their cowardice and finally, when the summons arrived from Sigmar and Nagash to muster for battle at the Allpoints, Mithridates Alti forbade the city’s Sigmarite warpriests from accompanying him.

Nagash’s betrayal of Sigmar at the Allpoints is well known; in the hour they were supposed to take the fight to the Dark Gods, the Undying King turned on the armies of the heavens. Mithridates Alti was there when the War of Heaven and Death began, his blade slick with the blood of Sigmar’s soldiers. The Basrahip felt justified in his treachery, his faith in Nagash unwavering. The deed now done, Mithridates Alti made to return to Amasya and snuff out the wretched milksops of Azyr he’d left behind. However, to his rage and mounting horror, he discovered the way shut, and his home denied to him. Mithridates Alti had been exiled.

In this tumultuous time, the Basrahip struck a bargain with the most vile of serpents: Mannfred von Carstein, Mortarch of Night. Mithridates Alti abandoned his mortal life to become a Soulblight Vampire, and in this way, survive the Age of Chaos and exact his vengeance upon the men of Azyr. The price was five centuries in service of a secret task, to this day known only to Mannfred and Mithridates Alti.

His debt now paid, Mithridates Alti has begun to set in motion a plot hundreds of years in the making. In his decades of service, he’s made allies of a hundred necromancers, wight kings and vampire lords. He’s gained the confidence of Reikenor the Grimhaler, and the Nighthaunt processions at his disposal. Perhaps most ambitious of all, he’s entered Hagg Nar and secured a tenuous accord with the Shadow Queen, Morathi. Amasya was once a place of worship for all Sigmar’s pantheon, and with the support of the High Oracle’s war covens, a new temple of blood may yet flourish there…