The Ruyalar

Led by Caradryas Lightbringer, the Ruyalar are the most cultured of all the Satrapies. Home to the youngest, brightest minds in the Prime Dominion, they have rejected the old ways of Lumineth society in favour of forging a new and innovative path. The Ruyalar draw fresh ruling and philosophical ideologies from other cultures, making them a rising power to be reckoned with.

While any army can fight for any Coalition for any reason, the Ruyalar favor allies with will and vision not to take the Realms as they are, but to remake them in the image of what could be.

Satrapy of Innovation

For the Ruyalar, tradition is pointless. Whether in accruing knowledge, preparing for war or even creating the most beautiful art, the people of this Satrapy prize new ideas above all else. The Ruyalar understand that tradition will fade, or evolve into something entirely unrecognizable – and therefore have rejected existing Lumineth methods as meaningless. Other Satrapies often mock them for their foolish creative endeavours, or accuse them of discarding their identities, but this could not be further from the truth. To be Lumineth is to be enlightened – and the visionary Ruyalar understand that they must forge a new path if they are to prevent a second Spirefall.

The Ruyalar have a great deal of respect for the more humble professions. The farmer, the soldier and the scholar are all equally welcome under their banner, providing that they are always seeking to innovate. A proposal to try a different crop rotation or farming technique is just as valuable as a brilliant young general proposing a new strategy. The rest of the Prime Dominion seeks victory by adhering ever more closely to old ways and ancient customs; only the Ruyalar seem to know that the future lies in what is new. They are rapidly becoming renowned as a military power simply due to their unpredictable and terrifyingly efficient new approaches to warfare. 

Satrap Caradryas Lightbringer

Caradryas is constantly dreaming of the future. Whilst Dariel yearns for the age before the Spirefall, and Atressa relished in the war that followed it, Caradryas knows that the true crescendo of the Lumineth lies in their limitless potential. He is unrestrained in taking liberties with existing convention, and foreign scholars and dignitaries treat with him daily. 

Both intelligent and devastatingly handsome, Caradryas is beloved by his people. He is known as a dreamer, an optimist and a breath of fresh air in the Prime Dominion. His willingness to take inspiration from the cultures of other nations has also made him wildly popular. However, it is those same qualities that his enemies use to slander him – young, naive and idealistic are also accurate ways to describe him, though his devotees point out this may just be what the Prime Dominion needs. 

The star of Caradryas’ court – and the muse of many of its artists – is Vashti. Once the wife of Atressa Redhand, Vashti fled the Idrelec for reasons which remain a mystery. As the curator of Caradryas’ collection of aesthetes, Vashti has the Satrap’s ear, and a small but vocal popular following among the Ruyalar at large. Only time will tell whether her place in Caradryas’ court outweighs the very real danger of war with the Idrelec that stems from her presence.

Equerry Vito Valencia, Freeguild General

Raised among Azyrheim’s halls of power and tutored at the very greatest institutes of warfare in all the realms, Vito believes war to be a gentleman’s sport, and the vile enemies of Sigmar the greatest game of all. Likewise, his Valourous Venators are all sons and daughters of high society, each seeking out heroic trophies and tales with which to woo suitors and secure positions of political influence in their later years. He is more than happy to provide the fresh opinions on modern warfare that Caradryas is so interested in.