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Season 4 - The Bleeding Wilds

Ever since Barak-Drak first breached the clouds of Silverside, the Skyguard has served as its peacekeepers and last line of defence. This venerable guild served the same role as the Longshore marshals or copperhats in other skyports, and in the aftermath of the city’s fall have stood heroically as its guardians. As the last surviving member of the Admiralty Board, Admiral Breyla has issued an unheard of decree, offering full membership into the Skyguard Guild to any surviving resident, passenger or traveller who is willing to take up arms to defend the ruined port. The task they face is monumental, yet the warriors of the Skyguard know they are fighting for the survival of their very homes.

For longer than living memory, the skyport of Barak-Drak has hung like a halo above the Verdigris Mountains of Chamon. Remote, and with only middling aether-gold profits to report, it has never held much sway with the Geldraad. Yet, for those venturing into this wild corner of Chamon, it is a vital haven. Many of the Dispossessed have made their homes in its halls, as have several small Fyreslayer lodges. The port also houses any number of Dawnbringers taking shelter or trade before setting off into the unknown. Despite its limited aether-gold yield, an incredible power keeps the port aloft and well defended - an edrineering marvel known as the Aetherflux Reservoir. The workings of the device are a closely guarded secret, known only to the Admiralty Board, for the Reservoir draws power directly from the dragonmetal form of Maudra Rua buried deep within the mountains themselves. This energy source has ensured the power of the skyport for centuries.

The long-held promise of safety within Barak-Drak died when the Ur-River slipped into bonds and flooded the region. Twisting waters infused with the energy of the realm between realms churned the ground, and in the sky the great port shuddered then began to fall. The realms of Chamon and Ghur were intersecting, and the sundered spirit of Maudra Rua was reuniting with its entombed body. The aetheric backlash caused chain reactions through the aethergold cores of the endrinvaults, and in a flash the Aetherflux Reservoir failed. It was only due to the heroic efforts of the Skyguard and their captain Breyla Endrinsdottir that the port survived, crash landing precariously upon the Verdigris Mountains themselves.


Admiral Breyla

Admiral Breyla was born to catastrophe, and has risen time and again to overcome. She has been shaped by a life defending her people. She can be stern and uncompromising, yet there lies a deep warmth beneath that for her adoptive home and people. She acknowledges tradition, yet has little time for unproductive sentimentality. Her knowledge of the Code is profound, yet she has little trouble bending or breaking it for what she deems the greater good. The last surviving member of Barak-Drak’s Admiralty Board, she now bears the burden of the stricken skyport on her shoulders. Some felt she overstepped her authority when she offered membership in the Skyguard Guild to all that would serve, regardless of race, creed or Code, yet she has persisted. If her people survive, she would happily be dragged before the Geldraad to account for her actions.

IV The Bleeding Wilds