The Teclandec

Led by Dariel the Resplendent, the Teclandec are the most prosperous of all the Satrapies. They rule the breadbasket of the Prime Dominion, and want for nothing – except, perhaps, more. The Teclandec’s seemingly endless resources have made them a powerful trading partner throughout Hysh and beyond.

While any army can join any Coalition for any reason, the Teclandec favor allies who value civilization and trade, and are willing to take any measure in pursuit of the greater good.

Satrapy of Plenty

The Teclandec embody a golden age of aelven culture from before the Spirefall. They are the most numerous, and thus often the strongest, of the Satrapies. Having once ruled over the cornucopia of the Teclisian hemisphere, the refugees that reached the Prime Dominion quickly returned to their old ways. Establishing themselves in the rolling hills and fertile plains of the Dominion, their land is not just one of farms and villages but industry as well, and is home to more development than anywhere else besides Iscarion itself.

The Teclandec want for little, and readily trade for that which they do. They have left hunger, hardship and loss in the past, and this newfound prosperity has given them the opportunity to pursue art, culture, and power – all subjects in which they excel. Like their Satrap, they are proud folk who consider themselves the rightful masters of the Prime Dominion by virtue of their civilization – for lo, are they not everything pre-Spirefall Lumineth aspired to become?

Satrap Dariel the Resplendent

An Aelf is nothing if they do not excel at something, and Dariel excels at everything he turns his hand to. In statecraft, he is a titan. In philosophy, he is transcendent. In art, he is a visionary. In war, he is a juggernaut. Dariel is a paragon of the pre-Spirefall civilization he was born into. His composure is unblemished, his reasoning flawless, his judgement unimpeachable. Some would call him arrogant, but the Teclandec know that such insults are born of jealousy. There is no arrogance in being true to what you are, and Dariel truly is resplendent.

Dariel is both an example and a promise to his people. Once, long ago, all Lumineth were like him. With careful self-cultivation and discipline, his teachings decree that they can learn to be so again and restore the lost glories of ancient days. For much of the population, their Satrap is a messiah, a prophetic figure heralding the return to a half-remembered ascendency. He is the focus of mystics and sages alike, immortalized in art and song at the heart of Teclandec society and emulated in every aspect.

Of course, achieving these zenithal heights would be easier without the mundane concerns that plague Dariel’s Satrapy. Toil and need are muted, but inevitable. More variable is war. Conflict with the other Satrapies distracts Dariel regularly, undermining his aspirations of recovering the lost perfection of the Age of Myth… and yet, if his fellow Satraps could be brought to heel, perfection might be again within his grasp. 

Equerry Mercules Manbreaker, Ogor Tyrant

Third of his name, Mercules was born into uncommon prosperity. Some hundred years earlier, his grandfather struck an accord with the despoiled Jao Sai state of Chamon: in exchange for protection against marauding Chaos armies, the Jao Sai people would work the land and feed the Klung Mawtribe in perpetuity. When, in recent years,  their crops withered beneath a transmuting blight, Mercules was forced to conclude that the Jao Sai people had broken his grandfather’s agreement. Showing the greatest act of compassion an ogor can muster, Mercules declared the Klung Mawtribe would not eat the Jao Sai, and instead simply abandoned the doomed state to seek quite literally greener pastures elsewhere. In the Teclandec, he’s hopeful to have found a benefactor that will provide for his people.