What Came Before

Here I have gathered only the most cursory of timelines with which to better understand the context of the current conflict. It is my aspiration to expand upon these notes, given that I survive the coming war.


Age of Myth – Even as the Mortal Realms first form, so too does the Ur-River, a raging torrent with neither headwater nor outlet. Like a serpent eating its own tail, it writhes across all the Realms, forever wearing away new paths across all the Realms.

Age of Myth – Sigmar follows the Ur-River from Azyr into Ghyran and there drinks from its waters, beholding a vision of the other deities that would become his pantheon. This alleged place goes on to become Amasya, the Hallowed Necropolis, a city where pilgrims of all races travel to be interred beneath the eyes of their gods. 

Age of Chaos – Mithridates Besh, fifth priest-king of Amasya and supplicant of Nagash, wages many wars of faith against Nurgle’s armies in Ghyran. Mortally wounded by a pestilent blade, he asks his son, Mithridates Alti, to return him to Amasya and there entomb him within a black sarcophagus, so that he might rise again and return to battle. Alti does this, but soon fights against Sigmar’s armies during Nagash’s betrayal at the Allpoints.

Age of Chaos – Those left behind in Amasya decide to scuttle the city, deliberately losing it to history so that the armies of Chaos will never discover and despoil it. 

Age of Chaos – Alti is drawn into the wars waged against Shyish first by Sigmar and then by Archaon. Now an old man, Alti accepts a devil’s bargain from the Mortarch of Night, Mannfred von Carstein: five centuries’ service in exchange for immortality, so that he might yet return home to his trapped father.

Age of Chaos – The Spirefall wracks Hysh. Alti manipulates an aelven prince name Eresiel and, drawing on his own knowledge of the Realms, puts in motion a scheme to create a Soulblight enclave in Hysh’s furthest reaches. With the Iscarneth Ceraphate successfully founded in the Prime Dominion and Eresiel installed as a vampire puppet, Alti disappears, his five centuries served.

Age of Sigmar – Amasya is rediscovered following the Necroquake. Hammerhal Ghyra moves quickly to annex the abandoned city, while the feuding Varanguard Qarang Sarn and Irkut Thousandeyes seek to plunder and defile. Matters are further complicated by the arrival of Da Big Eat and the Skoga Grakk, an unlikely alliance forged by the Slann Zectoka to destroy the Hallowed Necropolis.

Age of Sigmar – Mithridates Alti arrives at the city of his birth even as the other armies descend upon it. Having brokered alliances with Reikenor the Grimhailer and the Temple of Khaine, Alti hopes to release his father and awake the Deathrattle legions buried within the Necropolis. His plans are shattered when his father abandons him and Zectoka’s alliance obliterates the Necropolis with a starstrike so destructive it opens a new realmgate to Shyish.

Age of Sigmar – The Iscarneth satraps of the Prime Dominion discover Eresiel to be a Soulblight vassal feeding upon their people. They murder him before his very seat of power and withdraw to their own domains, each distrusting of the others and eager to claim the seat of Ceraph for themselves- for the good of the Prime Dominion, of course.

Age of Sigmar – Lord-Celestant Han Shinzong is dispatched through the newly opened “Ghyrplunge” realmgate into Shyish and does not return. Hammerhal follows up with a second expedition and discovers Lake Bykaal, a backwater underworld inhabited by the spirits of dead sailors and the descendents of the loved ones they never returned home to and the resting place of the Ur-Whale, a godbeast slain by Gorkamorka long ago.

Age of Sigmar – The expedition and a Khainite pilgrimage, their numbers swollen by cutthroats and mercenaries, engage in a bitter battle for the legitimate claim over Lake Bykaal. The wretched native beastmen and skaven fight to drive out the interlopers, even while the Varanguard attempt, and fail, to enact a ritual that would unlock the secrets of aelven god-binding. Finally, the Slann Zectoka continues his secretive mission to thwart whatever evil lurked in Amasya, this time with the aid of Reikenor the Grimhailer.

Age of Sigmar – Bloody and relentless fighting ensues the width and breadth of Lake Bykaal. As the war escalates, it is discovered that Lord Celestant Han Shinzong fell prey to Mithridates Besh, possessed by an unfathomable malice calling itself the Nemesis. Elsewhere, greenskins and ogors alike are enthralled by tales of “Da Grate Saga”, a spoken history that promises them eternal glory. Their violence aids the Mor’phann enclave of Idoneth, rescuing untold Deepkin souls from imprisonment within the underworld. 

Age of Sigmar – The Burning Winter comes to an end with a series of dramatic events. The countless dead and wounded of the war rise with malignant animus, turning on their former allies and swelling their own ranks. Skaven devices drain the lake even as it’s flooded with Aethersea instead, floating the corpse of the Ur-Whale into the sky. Mithridates Besh’s masterstroke is revealed, as all become aware of his intention to use the ur-whale’s corpse to spread the Nemesis’ contamination.

Age of Sigmar – Securing their place in Da Grate Saga, the greenskins and ogors of the Soulmuncherz ally with a Kharadron admiral to air-drop Stonehorns onto the floating Ur-Whale even as it’s being dragged away toward a realmgate into the garden of Nurgle. During the battle, the Ur-Whale’s blubber-filled corpse is set alight and crashes back to the dry lake bed. Within its maw, Zectoka’s great plan comes to fruition, as Lord-Celestant Hilmar Thunderstruck and ogor tyrant Torag Tome-Eater confront and finally destroy Mithridates Besh. The spirit of the newly released godbeast Nyura reclaims her old underworld and sucks every trace of the Nemesis deep beneath the lake bed for all time.

Age of Sigmar – With their armies exhausted, an uneasy peace settles over Amasya and Lake Bykaal. Elsewhere, the satrapies of the Iscarneth Ceraphate have begun amassing allies, each planning for the war to come yet themselves unwilling to cast the first stone.