What is Animosity Campaigns?

The dictionary definition of a campaign is, “a series of military operations intended to achieve a particular objective, confined to a particular area, or involving a specified type of fighting.” The General’s Handbook extrapolates on this, saying, “campaigns tell a story that unfolds with each new engagement, where the result of every battle will be impacted by the one before and influence the one after.” 

For almost a decade, Animosity Campaigns brought cooperative storytelling and intense map-based strategy on a grand scale to Warhammer players around the the world. Today, our NEO team is working to reinvent this incredible experience for Age of Sigmar and a new generation of players.  Simply put, Animosity is what you would get if you smashed ye olde Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay into a good game of Risk.

When you sign up, you’ll pick one of several immersive factions and join a team of players working together toward a common goal. Each week, you’ll submit a battle report- either a short story, a hobby project, or a game you’ve played- and allocate it to a location on the campaign map. Your report will be entered into our game engine, and upon the end of each turn, you’ll discover what territory your faction has taken, held, or lost.

Because of the unique nature of internet narrative play, you don’t need to play the same army in our campaigns that you play in person, nor do you need to play against the same opponent on the table whom you’re fighting in the campaign. In fact, you don’t even need to play Age of Sigmar at all to participate! So long as you share your short stories or hobby projects, you’re still an invaluable cog in our war machine.

That said, what really sets Animosity apart is the open-ended nature of our campaigns. Our NEO team has no intention of “railroading” you: we may set the stage, but your characters are the actors, and this is your story to tell. More than one player faction has faced total annihilation in the aftermath of poorly-conceived actions, while others have managed to punch well above their weight with a combination of great strategy and good roleplaying.

Furthermore, each campaign is linked to prior installments, together building an ongoing fan-written continuity. No matter your level of participation, your contribution will change the course of future Animosity campaigns.

Truly, is this not what it means to become legend? This is Narrative Play pushed to its limits; a battlefield stretching across space and time equal to the war-torn Mortal Realms themselves.

May your gods be with you, warrior.