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Season 4 - The Bleeding Wilds

Dramatis Personae

Titania Thundersworn Lord-Arcanum

Deep within Rahipmezar

Titania lay on the cold paving stone, aware but not awake. She knew that someone was nearby but could not see them. Strength began to fill her body once more.

It has been a lifetime, my dear Gwenthyltine.

Titania started, she heard is as much as felt it. She rose slowly, hand resting on her head. It was now she realized her death mask had laid beside her, she noted her weapons as well. “I know not of whom you speak.” She shouted at the darkness, “I am Titania Thundersworn Lord-Arcanum of the Anvils of the Heldenhammer!” She cast quick glances around the area as she recovered her gear. Still nothing.

Ah it seems as though the false god has filled your mind with deceit allow me to illuminate.

At that moment Titania felt a cold grasp upon her head, visions similar to the ones she had before overtook her. She saw herself as part of a council, in heated debates with the ruler

Dramatis Personae

Mithridates Besh, alongside other generals as they fought the Chaos invasion, being struck down by a Chaos Lord. These memories and more flooded her, when she came back to reality she found herself on her knees in a silent scream.

You see my dear. You’ve been brought home.

T​ itaniastoodup,headstillreeling,“Showyourself.”Aspectrefloatedintoview;itscloaklong and ragged, skull a rictus grin, a broken crown adorned it, and an ornate blade at its side. “Who are you spirit!” She demanded as she pointed her blade towards it.

My dear, i​ t paused, ​I thought that would’ve been obvious by now.

“Besh?”, Titania gasped, “so you sold your soul to the Undying King?” The gheist cackled, Sold? No! I did so willingly. ​Besh threw his arms out wide, ​I knew that one day my son would be of need. And I have provided. ​With that the wall sconces flared to life with an eerie green flame, in the flames glow was the skeletal remains of a massive dragon. “Chondronor, Champion of Amasya!” She gazed over the beast, “You would dare to desecrate the greatest defender of this fair city?” Besh cackled again,​ My son will require a great steed, and what better than the great dragon Chondronor?

Titania leveled her sword at Besh, “As one who defended this city with her life,” bringing the sword into a defensive stance, “I am more than ready to do so again.” She struck out at Besh who deftly countered with his blade. His crown transformed into a skull-faced helm. Their blades rang in chorus, she threw out some of her deadliest spells. Sacrificing her stave to hold her blade two-handed she swung down with all the strength that Sigmar had bestowed upon her. Once more sigmarite rang against the pitted steel, Titania feinted left yet Besh did not take the ruse and struck right. The blade bit into her shoulder, she pulled back and swung upwards catching the wraith’s arm. Besh answered with three well placed strikes, unable to parry them all Titania took a slice into her abdomen. Titania again feinted a strike to the left, Besh connected a strike to her right running through her side. She took the blade in full and connected a powerful blow to Besh’s head. The gheist slammed hard into the ground, Titania lifted her blade and struck his head many times.

“It’s sad really,” Titania said blade poised down, “you truly were a great leader and friend.” Strength fading she drove her blade into his skull, the gheist known as Mithridates Besh began to fade.

Fate shall see that we shall meet again my dear Gwenthyltine.

The door began to glow and Titania felt herself being pulled again as she lost consciousness.

IV The Bleeding Wilds