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Season 6 - Shattered Dominion

The accumulation of wealth is the driving force of Ghalbakk’s Company - anything that can be turned to profit, is. With carte blanche to do as they please from the Free City of Fairwater, who’s domain could tenuously be said to include the Bleeding Wilds, they have set about wheeling, dealing and stealing with extraordinary gusto.

The Company is a reasonably new business venture which started large and has never stopped growing. Heading out from Fairwater, the caravan train with all its merchants, bodyguards and hangers-on could have been mistaken for a small dawnbringer crusade, replete even with Metaliths. Now it has arrived in the Bleeding Wilds, the caravan resembles a carnival of trade, with attractions enough for those wishing to temporarily escape the hardship of living between two realms. While many adventurers join the Company’s ranks upon seeing the levels of wealth on display, it is not unheard of for mortals to be press-ganged into service.

While all profit is good profit, the single resource the Company craves the most is dragonmetal. Buried deep below the Bleeding Wild’s major mountain range, the transmuted body of Maudra Rua is made up of a hitherto unknown alloy. Its properties are incredibly wide ranging, and new discoveries are constantly being made about this material. This ore has such incredible potential locked inside it that some whispers compare it to realmstone, the very stuff of creation itself. Whether these rumours were started by Ghalbakk is difficult to prove. Regardless, the price of “Dragon Metal" has skyrocketed as a result.


Profiteer-General Ghalbakk

Ruthless. Cunning. Business-savvy. Ghalbakk has risen far in the world by knowing the value of putting coins in pockets and knives between ribs. None of his company know the exact terms of the deal he forged with the city of Fairwater, yet the Letter of Trade he received is clear. He has free rein to find and exploit new markets wherever they may be with the full support of the free city behind him, so long as they get their cut. Ghalbakk has never failed to pay his backers or his followers, and does not aim to now.

VI Shattered Dominion